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Peter Lynn 19m Synergy Test on West Coast of Florida

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Peter Lynn 19m Synergy Test on West Coast of Florida

Postby tog0713 » Mon Mar 03, 2008 11:14 pm

Mother nature provided ideal test conditions for the Peter Lynn 19m Synergy with the wind blowing steady side on shore 17mph with gusts to 19 mph with a strong current running downwind. Water choppy and barely whitecapping with waves one to two feet. These conditions closely approximate kiting on Lake Michigan off Chicago in the Summertime. Except that the chop there comes from five directions bouncing off jettys and the shores of the lake for its 350 mile trip from the North with Chicago at the bottom. These conditions make it more difficult to generate kite power from board speed. I chose the 19m Syn versus the 15m Syn for this reason. In Chicago we need kites with lots of low end "grunt" to bust through the chop and nasty shorebreak that blows onshore on North winds.

For test today I was riding a 135 cm x 45 cm TT with flat rocker and nice concave and 2" fins. I weigh 90 kg. I was using a a 60 cm non PLK bar with 35m lines and a 43 cm throw. We use longer lines with the bigger kites in Chicago as the winds are coming mostly overland which in general pushes the windpower higher. On high wind days with my two other kites, V1-13 and G-1 10, I use 25m lines awith a smaller bar and shorter throw.
The bar set with all four lines even with the adjuster strap set for full power..

Set the kite up with slightly longer pigtails set to the last adjuster knot farthest from the kite. Traig had warned me that the new Syns liked looser back lines. His good advice plus me wanting to start out consevatively had me add about 10 cm to the back line pigtail. Setting the kite up I noticed as I think Gideon has mentioned that it filled better than my other PLK's. The inflation flap stayed open from the start and I only touched it again to close it when I launched the kite. I also liked the better quality of the pigtail lines which seemed much improved along with the aluminum stays over my two Venoms.

In the air I immediately noticed how fast the kite turned compared to the modded V1-19 with verly little arm pressure. I was having a lot of fun whipping it around as it seemed to turn like my V1-13 with about the same power of the modded V1-19. The current was pushing me downwind so I came in and walked back to my starting point after about 20 minutes on the water. At this point I shortened the back lines to the stock setting on the knot farthest from the kite. This gave them about the same back line tension that I use on my V1-19. This resulted in about the same turning speed with a HUGE power increase. Now I was staying upwind much better in the current running hard down the beach. The power boost got me moving much faster across the water. I didn't want to jump big and float way down wind, but I his some sweet low floaters off small waves. With its speed this kite will surely jump better than the V's. And with the lower A/R I expect more float as other
have experienced.

For me the new Syn19 provides a HUGE increase in the fun factor for light wind kiting. I particularly enjoyed the fast transitions in the small waves close to shore. The V-1 19 lumbers through these like a huge truck taking a corner. The Syn 19 zips around the corners at sportscar like speed somewhere close to the speed of the V1-13. In this regard, today's session on a V1-19 in winds 15 mph to 20 mph would have induced boredom just tacking back and forth. With the Syn 19 I was having fun at a level close to a good session on the V1-13 in winds 25mph to 30 mph.

In Sum, I think PLK has produced a winner with the Syn 19. Those who feared another slow turning kite like "Big Blue" the 22m G2 can put them to rest. This kite pulls like the G2-22 and turns like a V1-13. Its a fun kite that big guys will enjoy in light winds with power and speed that could well equal the 16m Bow kites with all the other PLK positives of durability, gust absorbtion and no pumping.

Tim Grossnickle

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