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hadlow pro first impressions

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hadlow pro first impressions

Postby cSuttner » Mon Mar 10, 2008 3:18 am

Hey everyone, finally flew a hadlow pro today!

My friend just got the kite in the 11m size, and we went down to our beach when it was blowing maybe 10 knts (no whitecaps). We kited until the wind dropped a bit, I was on my 12m ion1 which unfortunately admitted defeat that very session (leading edge punctured). I weigh 120lbs and my friend is 150, so we can usually get out when nobody else can, and both of us were on last years 135*40 freeride flexifoil boards. We had the kite set up on the 5 line mode for safety.

We decided to beach fly it first because we figured we couldn't get out on an 11. The first thing that i noticed when i got the kite into the air was the constant power. The powerband never felt jerky or inconsistent like it occationaly did with my ion. The kite is quite fast, but it doesnt seem like it would be too fast for wakestyle (hadlow himself is the proof :)). It turns quickly (even in the light wind I would normaly attribute most of its behavior to a kite smaller in size). Loops were very powerful, and even after the loop the kite just kept on pulling.

Because we felt like the kite had SO MUCH POWER, we decided to try to take it on the water for a bit. We were not staying up wind, but that was to be expected with an 11 in 10 kts. Jumping the kite was quite a shock compared to my ion. You can really send this kite back with quite some force, and when you do the results are very impressive. The first jump I made ripped me off the water so fast. I don't know how high I jumped, but it certainly felt like a lot. The kite was very solid unhooked, and I didn't need to even adjust the power strap before I unhooked and did some flat 3's, but that is to be expected with a c kite.

The limited depower wasn't an issue for me, although if I had one I would probably give it a bit more on the bar. I think that the kite would still depower with a longer throw, as it is similar to the fuel (super wide tips, high aspect, deep profile) which can have heaps of depower if you want it too.

I learned on hybrids, but tried a few c kites along the way which were not entirely satisfactory. I didn't get to fly it for very long, but I was so blown away by this kite that I bought one on a whim. I think that I will keep my hybrids in my quiver for those days that are really gnarly and gusty, but I hope that I will be able to use this kite most of the time as it is such a pleasure to fly.

If you get the chance to fly one, take it, it is a VERY good kite that is worth every penny of its fatty price tag.

If you have any questions about the kite just ask me.

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