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Review Eclipse Nano 12 - Snowkite in

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Review Eclipse Nano 12 - Snowkite in

Postby kiteriding » Mon Mar 17, 2008 2:34 am

Eclipse Nano 12 Review..

I just flow 2 times my new Nano 12. First I am a First a Thruster Lover . But I got charm with this New Green Fluo Baby..

A1: All is there, look very good, bumper everywhere, one pump , deflector for the bridles , stopper valves for the main .
Good canopy and dacron. Anyway you know !! , lot of review about the Quality of the Eclipse 2008.

Fly Review.:
First try, wind gusty , 20 to 35km/hrs , KiteSnow , powder and some hard patch . In this gusty condition the kite Fly very well. I feel like home.
No trouble to launching, I start along and the kite just takeoff fast and easy.

The kite have a bit more bar tension (compare with the T12 , I got ) , but not to much , just OK.
The speed is good , I am a average Joe and sometime for me the Thruster 12 is a bit to speedy , when I due a mistake the Thruster do not give you a second chance, but the Nano due !!.
The Speed is very good , the kite turn very well, i due some Front Roll/ Kite Down Loop and the kite turn without to much tension .With the a constant speed.

Ok you will know about JUMP , I ride both the T12 and the Nano12 , and I can tell you the T12 , is a Jumper , but a got a big surprise , the Nano12 , Jump very good high and long jump , with a very good kite control in the air .

With the Nano , I have a lot more Fun to due Kite Loop / Rotation, because I know this kite will give me a second chance , if a grap the wrond side of the bar

Second try yesterday. Light Wind session : 10-15km/hrs.This time , I try to due some UnHook beginner move, like ride Unhook and try some small pop move and Try 360 surface to pass. At this light wind, I can ride no problemo , the kite pull very good. The speed was enough for make some fictive traction. At the same wind , low end , the Nano12 ,have a more pull for light wind that the T12 have.

I meet , Guillaume, Team Rider for Eclipse , he was never try the Nano , he Ride Hard with the Thruster 14 and 10 . Guillaume try the Nano 12 , in this light wind Condition and I like very much , Unhook Kite Loop transition , Try to rail a lot of time. Guillaume I think never ride Hook , he do everything unhook and he like the Kite, he like the very nice pull unhook and the speed was good for unhook move. He can tell about high jump because the wind was to light.

For me , I will keep the Nano 12, I really like this kite , A1 construction like all the 2008 products, very nice pull and speed , the Jump was good to. I thinks because I am a average Joe kiteboarder at 40years old, I like a kite not to speedy, like that I can make mistake and have a second chance.

When you ride hard pack Ice / snow , you need a second chance if you pull the wrong side of the bar in a rotation ..

So the Nano , is not only for Surf / WakeBoard Style, is good to for a lot of Rider Style.

see the Video of this light wind day: ... Itemid,31/" onclick=";return false;

Aloha wave :thumb:

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Re: Review Eclipse Nano 12 - Snowkite in

Postby Dimitri M » Mon Mar 17, 2008 1:17 pm

Thank you very much for your input on the NANO. This is a picture of a customer who tried the NANO 9 and loved it. He is an average kiter.
From my understanding this kiter has now in his quiver: NANO 6/9 THRUSTER 12/14
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