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16m Rise Venturi review

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16m Rise Venturi review

Postby rodeoclown » Sun Mar 23, 2008 4:00 pm

Rider specs-
200lbs, 7 years riding experience, the last 2 as a tech rep for Ocean Rodeo in Seattle,
and the last 6 months as a team rider for" onclick=";return false;
Kite was tested with a Mako wide, and is part of my personal quiver.

Top notch construction on this kite, super clean and tight.
The one pump is very nice with a big kite, and the 08's seem to have narrower struts.
Simple kook proof connections make rigging easy.
Self launches very well, even hot downwind.
Light bar pressure, but not so lite that you loose a feel for where the kite is.
De-powers nicely with normal sheeting distances, you don't need huge arms to adjust to huge gusts.
I can stay upwind in 10 mph, and start jumping big in 12.
Near 15, holy crud! The jumps start getting huge and long, the glide is simply amazing!
The vents seem to make this kite much more slippery and smooth, it accelerates out of a lull and climbs out of the bottom of the wind window like a much smaller kite.
You can really feel the difference when you throw it into a power stroke, its like some sort of after burner power boost, soooooo smooth!
What also stood out for me is how well this kite tracks, minimal input is needed to fly it straight and it sits very well at 12 o'clock with no hands on the bar.
It feels super stable on both a 50 and 60cm bar.
When you load up the rear lines the kite resists falling back in the window too, which is great for jumping and unhooking.
Power wise, this kite feels like its more powerful than a 20m C kite, but is much faster and turns way quicker. I haven't tested the top end of the kite yet, but the top end of Ocean Rodeo's kites are what really attracted me to this brand. The super solid construction is what really sets them apart when you are OP'd and they all fly beautifully.

For a big guy, this would be a plush kite to fly. It points high and jams downwind fast.
Every Venturi size I've tried has re-defined jumping for me, and this kite no exception.
It totally rocks and will make you smile so much your cheeks will cramp up!
These new Venturi designs should be on your demo list, and are very much worth a try. 8)

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