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aboards Flip 146cm

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aboards Flip 146cm

Postby bayron » Fri Apr 04, 2008 10:20 am

over weekends i do private kite lessons for beginners. couple weeks ago decided to go for Flip 146cm. i had not much knowledge of this model before but i had some really good feedback about Aboards advanced boards line-up.

one of reasons for Flip was the good price, and also a guy still riding Aboards 2007 131cm after a hard season has his board material looking like new apart from some scratches.

146cm is a big one so at first i thought i won’t be able to do much apart from some lazy freeriding back and forth upwind, which the board does very well since it has concave and good bottom shape. soon got bored and went for some jumps and happen to land few in real shallow, but wood core construction seems to be solid and also fins are fixed tightly so no problem with that. at the end of session even managed to do some nice raleys.

of course the board is a bit heavier than my short twintip, but then again it has size and also hundred percent wood inside.

i latter gave the board to students to try and they all get got up and going upwind pretty quick. the closest match i would compare the Flip 146cm is Doors from Spleen. i think also the board and its accessories is also visible good on the water. and Solid foot lock that has combined system of pads and straps is quite comfy and easy to fix.

overall, would say this board should fit beginner heavier guys but for lighter ones and girls 138 will be perfect.

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