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08 Best 6' Thruster surfboard

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08 Best 6' Thruster surfboard

Postby seastack1 » Tue Jul 01, 2008 4:01 pm

My very unbiased review of this board....
A) Negatives
1) Heel dinged the first time I rode her despite wood reinforcement(light jumps with soft landings)
2) A little stiff on the backside hits due I think to back footstrap position(to far forward)
3) Break away fins broke(new rplacement set carbon $125)
3) Hull snapped after 3 months :angryfire:

B) Positives
1) Good control in powered conditions.Fine in light conditions, fine down the line frontside.
2) Doesn't snap roll like my 6' Jimmy(also broke in 1/2) was prone to do in light conditions when uking and juking for speed.(Not as wide)
3) Not really mad about the snappage as the hit that caused it would have probably broken any board.(not a jump, just a straight on blunt force impact into chop while not attentive)Finished her off yesterday with some massive airs w/not so perfect landings. :P

C) Conclusions
!) Pay attention to chop. No 6' board will take massive impact in weak area. Be prepared to spend extra cash if getting into surfboard riding.
2) I will be shopping for something surfy but with better strength. Maybe a mutant or the O Rodeo snowboard construct.

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