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Review Ozone Light II 12m

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Review Ozone Light II 12m

Postby kitesurfbali » Mon Feb 11, 2008 12:44 pm

Amazing.... Just amazing!!! Kite of the year for sure....

Hello Friends.
last 3 days of gusty off shore wind... 10 to 25 knots!
The new Light 12m is simply the best ever kite I tried for waves.
I liked last year kite (even if someone say it was not so good) but the 2008 is so nice..
I always use the Light with the back line connected to the most back pigtail.
It make the kite turn like a dream and so nice handling down the line.

Yesterday I thought "yeah is good, just a bit better then the '07" then today I did a back to back and there is quite a difference.
The bar is a bit lighter, just perfect for me (a bit heavier then the Sport and Edge).
Turn Faster, maybe a nice 15% faster.
Low end not sure but at least same as last year.
Top end.. it doesn't have one... Some gust was at least 25+ and I was still out in the water on my surf board... Not having much fun on those conditions but still well in control.
Stability, sweet as last year.
Back stalling.... nothing.... so perfect down the line...

So for me Light 2008 for president!

Tried the 14m for a bit but wind was too strong... Is also very nice!!
I hope I can let you know some more soon.

By the way the new bar is also sweet... If you are not changing the kite just buy the new chicken loop... 2 minutes to put it on... Do not cut the old one, you can slide all the front line inside and also remove the metal swivel the same way.
Bye Jankie

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Re: Review Ozone Light II 12m

Postby marlboroughman » Thu Jul 03, 2008 3:21 pm

I just bought another 07 Light so I own the whole quiver of them right know. It is my favourite kite period. The thing with fifth line being two long... I finally understand what happened. Two of the Lights I bought had it just right. I buy a third one and the fifth line was way to long 15cm. I am pretty sure that they attached wrong length of straight bridle line the one with the pigtail at the factory. So I just took the sewing off and shortened it with a simple knot. What a kick ass kite.

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