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'07 Waroo, 7M, minimal "throw" needed?

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'07 Waroo, 7M, minimal "throw" needed?

Postby tomatkins » Thu Aug 14, 2008 11:05 pm

Here is a question asked on another kite forum. I would like to know the answer to this question. Has anyone here reduced the length of bar travel (throw) on this kite, and if so, what length of travel did you settle on, and how does it work?


"What would you say is the minimal "throw" for a 7M, '07 Waroo: when used by a 110 Lb person, in a moderate wind range for the kite (about 13 to 23 MPH)?

We are planning to set up a new kiter with this particular kite, and want the kite to depower enough to fall out of the sky and go to the edge of the wind window, when she lets go of the bar.

If someone has already worked this problem, we would appreciate knowing what you discovered. This is a common problem with short-armed people. We have already set up the bar with the smallest chicken loop available, and the kiter will be wearing a board-shorts "Starlet" harness, which positions the hook at the lowest possible location of any harness...we did this all in the attempt to maximize the amount of throw that the short-armed kiter will have available to her.

I know that the '06 Waroo manual recommends 60cm for the throw on all the kite sizes, but we think that this is excessive for a little kite. One rider has told us that he thought 45cm was enough throw for his 16M Waroo. If that is true, we are hoping that 40 cm will be enough for a 7M. Our plan is to set it up that way and test it out, before giving it to the newbe.

Any thoughts on this?

We will find out eventually, but would appreciate some expert opinion on this, to give us a starting point, and to shorten our learning curve.

Thanks in advance."


I already did a search on this forum and got a lot of good suggestions in general on the shortening of the "throw" on SLE kites in general. The best suggestions were: (1) use the smallest chicken loop (or welded ring)...(2) use a seat harness with a low hook...(3) lengthen the front line pigtails and shorten the power line equal amounts...(4) use a "bow" bar with 2:1 pulley system on rear lines...(5) use a big power line adjuster with below the bar cleating,,,(6) a shorter throw is better for wake style, but a longer throw is better for beginners...So, all this is principle understood, but we are looking for a number in cm, like 35, 40, etc...that is working well for somebody.

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Re: '07 Waroo, 7M, minimal "throw" needed?

Postby SimonP » Fri Aug 15, 2008 6:53 am

My first thought was why adjust anything since the 07 bar has a sliding stopper but then I realised that the issue is probably that the rider can't reach the trim strap.

The 07 Waroos don't need as much throw as the 06s because of the bridle design. The answer though depends on how gusty and strong your conditions are. I use my 7m in gusty 25-35+ knot winds and there are times when I need every little bit of throw that the bar has to offer. Your kiter probably won't be using the kite in such extreme conditions so it probably wouldn't be so critical. You wouldn't want to cut it down too much though as that might then require using the rear flagging line as safety and Waroos are notorious for spiralling when it is deployed.

I'd suggest either experiment with the stopper before adjusting or maybe ask someone on the Best forum.


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