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Review North Rebel 2009 10m

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Review North Rebel 2009 10m

Postby Bossy » Fri Aug 22, 2008 8:22 am

Test North Rebel 2009 10m
Friday the 8th of August finally there was some wind! I drove to my favourite spot Andijk with my new Kite to give it a go.

North did not really change anything despite of the colour. The rebel 2009 backpack is light grey/black. The back is the same size as last years and your kite fits in properly. (in my case a 10M)
You can hike with the back without back strain. In this way the spots where u have to travel like Wijk aan zee and Ijmuiden are also within reach 

I tested the Kite with the 2008 fifth element from North. I think it doesn’t need any further clarification. The kite seems to do well on the 2008 bar..

The Kite:
As we all know the rebel is a kite for people who like a kite with a huge ease of use and excels in the waves. We are talking about an SLE/ Hybrid Kite. This Year North did not attach any kind of bridles or Pullies like on the rhino08.

The quality of the kite is as we are used to form North of high standard

Saturday August 9
Location: Andijk (IJsselmeer), Wijk aan zee
Wind 16 to 25+ knots

I did not change anything on the standard set up of the Rebel

What strikes me immediately is that North choose to introduce one pump this year. The overall shape is a little bit different to the rebel of 2008. The kite seems to have bends at the corners of the kite. The kite is very fast to steer (faster then the rhino8). Thank god they changed the Bridles (rhino8) for something simple again like the Rhino7

On the water
What strikes to mind the moment u feel the kite is the ease of use and the well known reliable feeling this kite gives u. I immediately started to try tricks I would not try on the rhino8. Even if you drop in the water you can exactly feel where the kite is above u. On the water the kite builds up good tension to jump high and it is so fast that you can easily correct a mistake. At sea is a different story. It’s a dream to kite with the rebel 2009 in the waves. You can play in the waves with such ease without a kite pulling.

On the Bar
The kite has light to normal bar pressure and feels great. It’s not that light that u don’t feel it but I would say it is just right. It reacts great to impulses of the bar.een beweging van de bar.

The rebel is easy to restart after a crash. Just pull the steering line and u are on your way.

Low/ High end:
I was able to kite this kite from about 15 knots despite of my weight (100 kilos). On the sea there was about 25 knots and I did not feel overpowered in any way. Because it is so fast steering it builds up pressure and because of the depower ability it can also kite with great ease.

Great kite which does exactly what you expect from it.

Good Quality
Direct/ Quick steering\

The only thing I can think of is u not liking is one pump

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