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Haura XXL

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Haura XXL

Postby Baz » Mon Nov 24, 2008 11:16 am

Technology: wood-core.
Length: 137cm
Width: 40.5cm
Weight: 2.5kg
Fins: 4*1’75
Rider: 102kg intermediate.
Style: Freeriding, Surf.
Build Quality: 9/10
Satisfaction: 10/10
Disclosure: no affiliation.
Previous boards ridden: Underground FLX 05, 06, 07, 08, Naish Sol 07. 08, Slingshot SX,
o One Mile beach cross-onshore, ENE 10-15 knots 4-5 feet surf 14M Slingshot Turbo 3 & Haura XXL twin tip style.
o Bagnalls beach NNE 15-25 knots cross onshore, choppy conditions 9M Slingshot Turbo 3 & Haura XXL twin tip style.
o Fingal Bay off shore, NE 15-20 knots butter smooth with occasional 1 foot waves 9M Slingshot Turbo 3 & Haura XXL mutant and twin tip style.
o Birubi beach onshore SSE 20-25 knots messy 3-5 feet surf, 14M Slingshot Turbo 3 & Haura XXL twin tip style.
The Haura XXL offers an original concept: the half directional twin tip, for versatility. It has a set of inserts allowing 3 different positions: twin tip, goofy and regular. The back feet can be offset to the tail, and its angle can be changed to 0° for wave riding. The fins can be used in 3+1 option: 3 fins on the back and one in the front.

First impression is the board looks sensational and the word that sums it up is smooth. Transitions both heel side and toe side were easy in all water states, the combination of fins, rail and flex ensured that each turn was made with a nice carve and the harder the pressure the more the board gripped. I have not yet managed to cause the board to slide out and it’s not from a lack of trying. The Haura hasn’t yet caught an edge or nose dived, and upwind the board tracks nicely with no spray in the face, it’s pointing ability and speed is on par with other boards I’ve tried. The Haura flew through even the most severe chop without bouncing around and with no grief to my knees.
Its bottom for me is around 10-12 knots with my 14m getting up and planing without any drama and it holds the 9M easily in over 30 knots where only then did any leg pressure become apparent. Jumping comes naturally as the Haura holds its edge and pops quite well with soft landings, again its ability to drive through any water state helps.
The waves are its forte with bottom and top turns as good as it gets for a twin tip also the transition from rail to rail is predictable and smooth, irrespective if riding heel or toe side. Heading out the back in onshore mush is no problem as the board eats white water for breakfast. With the board in 3 + 1 mode it provides for even more grip when needed with ability to quickly turn out of trouble when that errant bomb is about to pile drive you into the bottom. The pads/straps are quite comfortable with easy adjustment without tools both on and off the water, the quality of the overall finish begs for it to put on display on a wall.
Any negatives only the one is the foot strap pads tend to move a little under pressure which has been resolved with the fitment of a fibre washer. I would love to see this design applied to a directional surf board style, as I would have one just because I can.
So it rides as good as it looks, its ability to be smooth in all it can do turns crap days into good ones. The Haura is at home on butter smooth water, severe chop conditions or playing around in the waves. It puts a smile on my dial every time I ride it, I find myself looking for the next ramp to carve up or launch off. Feedback from the local crew is they love the look of it and I’m very pleased with the decision to go with the Haura XXL.
Constant winds,

P.S. My thanks to Marcel and Chad at Liquid Surf Designs for great advice and service.
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