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Review-Mystic Cure 2mm Sock

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Review-Mystic Cure 2mm Sock

Postby rodeoclown » Sat Apr 11, 2009 6:33 am

I was taken back when Andrew Olive showed me a new bootie during the BKB community center grand opening....
-he'd just got a new pair in for himself to try.
Didn't look like a bootie at all, it was in fact the new sock technology that Mystic is producing.
Dang if it wasn't my size too! I drooled over them and wanted to try them bad.
He was planning on using them himself, but unselfishly handed them over to me and said;
"Try em out Craig, I think you are going to love em.
Its the closest thing to no booties at all that I've found out there."
It looks and feels like a 1mm bootie to me, but in fact it is a 2mm sock.
Its a little snug to put on the 1st time, but once its on your foot it feels really good.
No pressure points because the material is so thin and a simply fantastic tensile feel for whatever surface you are standing on.
The rubberized coating on the bottom grips nicely and felt very natural on the board when I used these
last tuesday at carkeek.
Andrew was right, it was really close to wearing nothing at all!
Can a ridiculously thin 2mm sock keep you warm in 45 degree water?
I was smiling cause my feet stayed comfortable for a couple of hours no problems at all,
then my darn beanie got ripped off my head in the shorebreak (big waves that day at the keek)
and my core temp dropped fast and I got chilled all over.
I came in and slipped my 3mm booties over the socks and grabbed another beanie.
I was toasty now, the sock and bootie together were super warm with no x-tra bulky feel at all in the straps.
What a great sock this is!
Warm enough on its own, and yet thin enough to boost the temperature rating of your existing booties, or wear with summer time footies.
I'm sure everyone is aware of the risk involved with going barefoot in the NW.
Shells, barnacles, broken glass and assorted crap can make short work of a water soaked foot and end your session.
Foot protection of some kind is a must if you want to survive to kite another day.
This new Mystic sock has me stoked that it doesn't have to come at the sacrifice of being as close to your board as you can possibly get.
Another weapon to help get you dialed in and make the most out of your session!
Thanks Andrew and the BKB for turning me on to this one...its super sweet! :thumb:

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