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Nano 2009 Review

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Nano 2009 Review

Postby Magic19kiteboarding » Tue Feb 17, 2009 9:07 pm

Nano 2009 Review.

The rider: I’m a woman 5’6’’ and 135 pounds. On theses 2 days, I rode the Dimitri Pro Rider 127 X 37.5 cm. I’ve been using Eclipse kites since they first came on the market, both for riding and also for teaching with our school, in Quebec on water and snow and our other school in sunny Cabarete, DR.

The conditions. First day with 9 mtrs. Nano in 15-18 knots of side onshore (nearly onshore wind) wave 2 mtrs. on the reef. Cabarete Bay, very bumpy inside the reef and a little gusty. Then, downwinder on the reef with some nice wave riding and at last.. more riding at end of afternoon on nearly flat water inside the reef at Kitebeach. I went trough all kind of conditions that afternoon.

The second day I tested the Nano 6 mtrs. in 12 knots of side onshore wind with flat water conditions at Cabarete Bay. No waves on the reef. I also went out with the Nano 9 mtrs. that same afternoon. I wanted to test the low end of the 6 mtrs. and at 12 knots I was riding with good speed and going upwing easily. I was able to jump, not the big boost but nice jumps for 12 knots of wind.

I’m very please with the Nanos 2009, my favorite Nano since the first version of 2007. It’s very stable. The kite doesn’t stall when flying low in middle of wind window and is very stable at 12 o’clock, even in gusty conditions (with lulls). There is always just enough back line pressure so the kite fly very smooth thrue the wind window, no stalling and also no sudden drop of power, a nice constant even pull. The kite flight quite high in the wind window, even when turning it super fast (wave riding or fast jump transitions) the kite doesn’t ‘slip down’ on the lower side of wind window so no worries about waves catching the corner of the kite and no worries about always keeping an eye on the kite to make sure it’s not too low on side of wind window. Because of that nice constant pull, I was able to make faster tight turn on waves and ride away with speed and power. I was also very surprised of the boost and height when jumping, this kite beeing a little bit wider than the 2008 (mored grunt), I was expecting less boost but the 2009 is great for jumping and is very stable, nice constant pull in the air, very smooth landing.

Again this is a great all around kite, what I love about the Nano is that you can ride all kind of conditions and have fun no matter what the conditions are. This is still the best choice of kite for learning, very easy to relaunch and user friendly. Over the years, we noticed a great difference in the learning curve and time saved for our students learning on Eclipse Nano versus other models or brands. It’s also a kite that advanced riders will love kiteboarding with, so it’s not just a school or beginner kite. I also want to say that the Eclipse kites are super strong, they endure some serious beating during kite lessons and many crashes in the shorebreak over and over again, this is rock solid stuff ! Same thing with the hard packed snow and somethimes very gusty wind conditions in Quebec. We recommend beginners to use the Nano on the snow. Great snow kite.

I’m looking forward to test the Kima and Thruster 2009. If you are in Cabarete and want to test Eclipse kites and boards, come and see us. You can also do some nice wave riding in Encuentro with the Kima and great downwinders. Lessons and school packages are also offered for beginners to advance kiteboarders in Cabarete Bay just in front of Punta Goleta, nice wide beach, small shore break, lots of space on the water. A great opportunity for beginners to try Eclipses kites and boards.

Now get out there and enjoy the ride !

Nathalie. :wink:

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