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Test Zeeko Notus 9m

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Test Zeeko Notus 9m

Postby KappuhH » Sat May 02, 2009 2:35 pm

This is a short review of the Zeeko Notus 9m. Sorry for my bad English. You can read a longer review (in dutch, you can use a translation machine like here:

Just a big bag and with zips you can make it bigger. When you open the zips the bag fits 2 kites, 2 bars, a pump, a wetsuit and some beer if you want.

The bar is thin (same diameter as Flexifoil Hadlow bar), 20m lines with 4m extentions. The chickenloop is realy big with a removable donkeydick. You can use the straps for depowering the kite. De length between the chickenloop and straps is realy long. So when you let your bar go the kite has almost no power anymore. There is an additional stopper. The depower cord is covered with plastic. Information about the extentions and chickenloop could you see in this 2 videos:

Untwisting the powerlines and the chickenloop that automatic orientates in the barhole works very well!

The kite has a good durable construction. It has reinforcements on the struts. Dacron in the wingtips. For attaching the steeringlines you can choose between Hybrid style, C style or an option between this 2. I like the Hybrid style most.

There are 2 options to attach your leash. The first is the mini fifth line. This lines goes through the bar to halfway the powerline. So when you release your chickenloop (what works well with the velcro system), your bar goes about 2 meters to your kite and the kile falls out of the sky with its LE on your side on the water so the kite doesn't have any power. Then you can use the mini fifth to get your bar back, hook in, pull 1 steerling line so your kite catch some wind and relaunch.
The second option is your leash on a ring on the chickenloop. Works as we all know. Due the high depower on the bar with light wind the kite will fall out of the sky after some seconds. When the wind is stronng, the kite is still in the sky with not so much power. Ideal for wakestyle. When you want more power in your kite after letting the bar go (when your unhooked) you can use the stopper.
The relaunch is good. Just pulling a steering line and your kite is back in the sky in a few seconds.

Ok, and now ride the kite...
On the first session with the 9m it was around 16 knots and I didn't need to sinus so the lowend is better then Zeeko said. With sinussing the kite on flat water I think I can ride the kite in 14 knots. The barpressure is not so much, but the steerpressure is juste more so you feel exactly where the kite is in the sky.

After that I had a session on a 20+ knots very gusty spot and I was wondering how stable the kite flies.

Had also a session in about 24knots with gusts over 30 knots. Had the strap between a half and a quarter depowered and is was very nice to ride. Never been overpowered so I think the highend is a little more then 30 knots. And you can also remove the extentions to have more highend.

Jumping with the kite is very nice experience. Give you an enormous boost and hangtime, so great! My jumps were never so high and long.

When I hooked out, the kite was also very stable and powerfull and you don't need to depower on the strap to avoid backstalling when you use the normal setup.

Conclusion: like the promotional talk from Zeekoo said: it's not a bow, not a SLE, not a delta, its an all-in-one. This kite can everything. Very direct steering, high jumps, powerfull wakestyle. The construction is also good so it is the perfect kite for me.

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Re: Test Zeeko Notus 9m

Postby sbkite » Sun Jun 21, 2009 10:42 am

very nice kite

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Re: Test Zeeko Notus 9m

Postby sflopes » Sun Jun 21, 2009 12:28 pm

It seems a great kite :thumb:

Waiting for my 9 & 11m... rock can't wait no more for those :jump:

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Re: Test Zeeko Notus 9m

Postby vdiogo » Sun Jun 21, 2009 10:16 pm

Espumado (spumated in english :lol:)!!!
Let us try it after!! :jump:

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