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Raise the roof heli boardin' with the Twisted

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Snow kite spots are growing fastly and epicly.
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Raise the roof heli boardin' with the Twisted

Postby knewschool » Tue Mar 31, 2009 7:19 pm

A day of EPIC purportions fell into my lap on an unsuspecting day of work. In my van I had my kite gear, so when High Mountain Heli said they had a seat for me if I could be ready in 8 min. I had my Twisted and My Dom 154 jib board to choose from.
Nonetheless, it was a miracle from heaven. The Twisted shreaded like none other. I couldn't even swich my stance so I rode all day centered and wide, and it was the best day ever!
I could carry an amazing glide across long flat sections where I'd normaly get stoped. Lean back? for get about it, just stand there and glide. It was amazing ease and control through trees, slashing lips and big surfy turns.
In my opinion it worked so well because it's widest point is right under your center of gravity so all your float is under you. Not at your tip and tail. Since your tips and tail are narrower than the middle you don't have to lean back hard to sink the tail so the tip doesn't dive. It works better than set back powder boards because your float is centered so you can glide further easier smoother. The rocker helps it be rediculiously predictable and buttery. I could butter around to ride switch as smooth as ever... I could go on and on OMG! It was OFF THE HOOK!

Damn! Raise the ROOF!

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