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New OR Session hybrid harness review

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New OR Session hybrid harness review

Postby eag » Wed May 20, 2009 8:11 pm

I've gone back and forth between seat (mystic, then dakine shorts) and waist harnesses (mystic, pro-limit), and hadn't found the right balance. I always ride waist in waves, but for racing and straight jumping in our gusty winds I prefer the seat. Waist harnesses always hurt my ribs jumping.

The new OR harness is both. It's a waist harness with removable leg straps. I have been riding it a bit lower than my regular waist harness, with the leg straps on. It feels like a waist harness, but can be worn lower, never rides up and the straps take some of the load on big jumps like a seat harness. The straps also come off (i'll remove them in waves) and it's a solid regular waist harness.

I'm biased towards OR gear, but I wouldn't ride in a uncomfortable harness just to ride OR. This one fits well and is well made.

And a bonus for the fashion conscious kiter – the leg straps can go under your board shorts and it looks just like a regular waist harness. :thumb:

check it out

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