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2008 16M Liquid Force Session Newbie, line lenth and tips?

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2008 16M Liquid Force Session Newbie, line lenth and tips?

Postby penfold187 » Wed May 27, 2009 8:08 pm

Having already bought a 2008, 7M Cabrinha Convert for my two boys (100 and 135lbs) to take lessons and learn on, I decided for the price to get the closeout 2008 16M Liquid Force Session ($500 with control bar, etc), as a beginner kite, with me weighing in at the “model” weight of 165lbs, and with the winds at Belmont Shores very often between 9 and 12 knots, I thought it would give me the ability to get in the water and on the board, and get my learning curve started  (no boards bought yet, working on the shore, and waiting for after our water-based lessons to make that decision / investment)
So, playing with it on land, as I’ve read before, working the 22m lines feels like sending a postcard asking the kite to move compared to the 7M Convert.
Two part question: How much shorter might I look at lines (18? 16?) for better control, and to save $, could I cut and tie my existing 22m line into two lines (like 18m, with 3m extension)? I already have the 22m fixed lines on my Cabrinha control bar, so I can keep those as fixed lines. (and so far we like the feel of that control bar, so we might be using that bar most of the time, and as we are beginners, I’m planning on having only one person in the water at a time for right now)
Anyone played with this before? Thanks in advance! 

PS- Noob screw up, I posted this under "reviews". moderator, please feel free to move to correct thread!!

PS- Once me and my boys get in the water and get experience, I feel that I will be looking at adding a 12M kite, (like a switchblade, etc) as we will be ready for more intermediate kite, where board starts and water relaunching will be less of an issue after several weeks in the water)

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Re: 2008 16M Liquid Force Session Newbie, line lenth and tips?

Postby adamj2281 » Sun Jun 21, 2009 5:46 pm

I have a '08 14m and 10m Havoc, you may want to check the pigtails. I had to add another pigtail knot on my back lines on the 10m as the pigtail extensions were too long. After that I have had no issues, but I was basically having the same problem as you are having, very slow steering.

Same with the 14m, I generally never wear it on the first knot, if it's really light I'll ride it on the 2nd knot.

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Re: 2008 16M Liquid Force Session Newbie, line lenth and tips?

Postby adventure alaska » Mon Jun 22, 2009 3:46 am

hello from homer alaska yes i have a eclipes 14 m and 45 cm bar and i told every one about this session kite deal 16m best deal out there and you need to buy the ocean rodeo 150 buy 40 cm best board out there hands down 2008 or 2009 this board is grate for light wind and wave rideing and any questions just call me 1-907-299-0105 time to eat pie

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