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Epic Kites

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Kiting since: 2005
Local Beach: Cherry Grove, Millionaires Row NMB. Pawlies Island, Sullivans Island, Oak Island, White Lake NC
Favorite Beaches: Cherry Grove is like my back yard play ground I owe all of my kiting skills to this little spot. Its a very dangerous spot to ride and have seen countless kiteboarders and surfers get in trouble. If you make it to the Point make sure you know what you are doing or you will be in the same rescue boat as many others before.

Pawlies Island SC is great in NE this is another dangerous spot strong currents big shore break and I spot a shark or two every time.

Hatteras is the bomb. KP, AVON, BUXTON, WINDMILL POINT, Planet of the Apes, you take your pick.

Banana River Cocoa Beach FL is OK watch out for stingrays only kite in N winds
Sullivans Island in Charleston is nice go during mid tides
Tybee Island GA
Oak Island NC works well in West winds
White Lake is good in WNW with shallow water 500yds out, watch out for the docks they will eat a kite in a min.
Style: Big air, wakestyle, Kiteloops
Gear: EPIC KITES, Caution, Flexifoil, Nobile Boards
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Epic Kites

Postby vpkiteboarding » Sun Dec 20, 2009 4:33 pm

Just got my first EPIC kite delivered. Dimitri really takes pride in his work, the kite is beautiful. The construction and attention to detail is TOP NOTCH. I got the SCREAMER 14 and the new bar which I hope to fly today in this below 50* conditions if the wind comes up as predicted. As cold as it is I doubt that my riding will push the kite to its limits but I am so stoked to try this new kite that I am willing to risk a little minor frost bite.

The shipping was fast and customer service from Epic is great. It's nice to actually e-mail, or call a kite company and actually get a response. I have been in the kite business for a few years now and I can tell you that dealing with some of these wholesalers is a real pain in the A. I know Dimitri is from Greece but he's got the Carolina, southern hospitality, me being a Carolina boy recognizes and appreciates that kind of attitude and respect.

I'm gonna try this kite out and let everyone know how it goes.

If anyone has any questions about EPIC Kites or want's a kite demo in the Myrtle Beach area let me know.


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