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Aad Havermans Ozone C4 Review

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Aad Havermans Ozone C4 Review

Postby Toby » Tue Feb 23, 2010 11:27 pm

Aad Havermans Ozone C4 Review
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I was waiting in Cape Town for my new C4’s, still flying my old instincts. On a great day at Witsands, one of the most beautiful spots in the are, I ran into Patrice who was testing there. After a great session on my old kite ,the wind dropped and I got to test the 12 M C4. All the other guys were off the water when I was still having fun. I was quite impressed by its flying speed in absolutely no wind and when I dropped it in the water in front of a massive wave I found that it was easier to relaunch then I expected. All in all still a lot of fun when others could not get out!

2 Days later I finally got my Xmas present in: 3 brand new C4 kites! I took a while for them to get cleared at customs, but they were still in time to give me a solid 3 weeks of kiting on my new kites.

The next day the wind picked up and I went straight out on the 7m C4. I was amazed by how fast it turns and really needed to adjust to that at first. When after a few runs I got used to it being so super fast I absolutely loved it! We went on a downwinder that afternoon and it turned out that also in the waves it proves to be a great kite. The depower was a lot better than I expected from a C kite and riding it unhooked was also very smooth. So good solid pull when you need it and enough depower with still great turning speed in the waves.

The next day when it blew 45+ knots we went out for an airtime session at Blauberg beach. Riding the 5M C4 in these super strong winds was insane! This is by far the fastest kite I have ever flown. Within 5 minutes I was used to it and was pulling of some of the biggest airs ever! What a lot of fun.

The next 2 weeks were just solid fun on the C4 kites, riding them on downwinders in bigger waves every day and loving them more and more every day. I dropped the 5 and the 7 in big waves a few times at Derde steen and didn’t let go. Even when some big sets hit them they were strong enough to stay in one piece and relaunch!

The trip ended with an insane session at Haakgat, riding my 5m C4 in 6M waves with 25 knots of wind. A session I will never forget!

The combination of a C kite with its turning speed and a bridle system with good depower is great! I think it is one of the best Ozone kites so far!

Aad Havermans

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