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 Post subject: Ozone Zephir review, picture and video.
PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 4:29 pm 
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Hello friends,
I received the new Ozone Zephyr 17m five days ago and you can imagine the excitement!!
We have been lucky and had 5 days of wind, actually up to today the wind was quite good and we couldn't test the low end of the kite but here we go...

Monday 14 of September,
wind was like 10 to 15 so not really the best for testing light wind..
Kite is fast for such a big kite incredibly stable and pretty powerfull.
Ozone feeling from the first moment and nice bar pressure!! Just a bit more then my Light XC 14m.
It jump nicely and remind me of a 15m Sport 2007 as turning speed but much more grunty!
I test it again a Cabrinha Convert 15m and I felf the Zephir had more power but a bit slower.
I test it against a Cab Switchblade 14m, still more powerfull and the power erogation is much smoother!!
The SB is definetely faster...

Tuesday 15 of September, wind was around 11 to 14 knots.
People were able to go on 14m light and also on a CAB Convert 12m (very light guy).
When the wind dropped I was racing a bit with a Flysurfer Titan 15m (old kite) and I was killing him...
But I don't think we can compare such an old kite.. I wish a FS Speed 2 was there...

Wednesday 16 September,
the day with the stronger wind in a while!! I would say 12 to 17 knots.
First went out on the 12m Light and then decided to take the Zephir.
No problem in holding the strong wind, did no have to depower the kite, the high end is unbelievable for such a beast!
I have a Japanese friend "Taro" to try the kite and he like it, he said a bit slow but good for freestyle.
Every size and style of kite where planning in the water so couldn't really tell about low end.

Thursday 17 September wind drop a bit. I would say 9 to 13 knots.
Me and Taro swap between Light 14m and Zephyr..
Could hold the ground on the Light 14m but flying upwind on the Zephyr.
I gave the kite to a heavy beginner (just learning to get on the board, weight around 85 kilos) but he could only go downwind.
I gave the kite to a big guy who usually fly Light 14m.. And he was holding his ground when he was loosing water big time with his Light.
I had a great day in the water while most of the other guys were on the beach or walking up wind.

Wednesday 18 September, very typical Bali Light wind 7 to 11 knots.
Me and all the boys from the Bali Kitesurfing School used the kite and were all able to go upwind.
Koman and Wayan that are under 70 kilos were flying. Me and Kadek over 70 kilos a bit less.
The Zephyr was the only kite in the water going up wind.

Big, Powerful, Stable, Smooth, Fun...
You need a light wind kite to maximize your days in the water? The Zephyr is for you..
The low end for holding ground for me is 7-11 knots on my Underground Freewave Medium..
I would like to try with a Race board in this wind (actually I will have an Underground Race Board soon!!! but don't tell my wife...).
To have fun, go at full speed etc. I require the wind to be 9 to 12 knots minimum the kind of wind when were normally I would be on the beach!
Is a BIG kite and will make big guys happy from 12 knots up. is not turning like a rocket but I could still down loop it in the waves.
The power derogation is so smooth, just like a car accelerator. Kite is very stable even in light wind.
Turning is also nice, the kite is not pivoting on the axis but makes nice powered turns more like a C kite then a Bow.
Easy to whip the kite from one side to the other of the wind window just with one hand...
It can be relaunch in under 10 knots!!

Normally big kites are boring and heavy on the bar! This one is still fun..

You don't believe me!! Then come and try the kite yourself or check the Videos I just uploaded on www.kiteforumtv.com

See you in the water and have good wind...
Ciao Jankie

For the test we used 3 Wind Meter but they are not very reliable...
2 read low and one read high!!!
This was 2 days ago when the wind was 8 to 12 knots.
Bye Jankie

Zephyr_taro4.jpg [ 42.83 KIB | Viewed 1365 times ]
Zephyr_taro3.jpg [ 37.61 KIB | Viewed 1365 times ]
Zephyr_taro2.jpg [ 27.53 KIB | Viewed 1365 times ]
Zephyr_taro.jpg [ 37.13 KIB | Viewed 1365 times ]
Zep_wind.jpg [ 66.89 KIB | Viewed 1365 times ]
 Post subject: Re: Ozone Zephir review, picture and video.
PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2009 8:04 am 
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Hello again,
as I promise I just uploaded in my web site a Photo Gallery with more Zephyr action pictures.
My friend that is about 5 kilos lighter then me was just enough powered up on a Light XC 14m
I had plenty of power on the Zephyr.
Bye Jankie


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