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Check the new FOne gear its great!

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Check the new FOne gear its great!

Postby Jbrook » Sun Feb 07, 2010 2:20 pm

Just got a bunch of New FOne gear and just love it, the tt Trax4 rides like nothing I have ever rode, The acid is just the only board for flat water. The Bamboo Firewire surfboards are the best I have ridden so far, good for strapless, strapped, normal paddle surf and even a little tow in if you find yourself stuck in Cali in cold water. As far as craftsmanship goes I think there stuff is just hard to beat. I pay retail and have no affiliation but would love to. I am just a novice to intermediate rider kinda a gearhead but seem to destroy alot of equipment. I ride probably more than 300 days a year I live in Mexico and Brazil. Good wind to all.

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