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Zeeko Notus 10m 2010

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Zeeko Notus 10m 2010

Postby Hasse » Wed Sep 30, 2009 3:16 pm

Zeeko Notus 10m2

Like everbody maybe now so is Zeeko a pretty new Kitebrand from France and the founder is Nicolas Caillou how have work for Takoon before.

The new thing for this season is some new sizes like 10 and 12. They have take away the 11 and 13. And they have a new Notus LT.

But this review is about the the regular Notus 10.

I have kiteboarding from 2001 and have riding Naish, Spleene, Flexifoil and Caution like teamrider. Have even rider a lot of brand between that like Ozone, Best and some Slingshot. So i ride a lot of differnents kites and styles.

My weight is 75kg (ca168lbs) and my lenght is 175 cm. I living in Denmark right now in a small island between Sweden and Denmark.

I compere Notus with Spleene because i have both in the same beach and can change when ever i want.

Test conditions:

Totalt 10 sessions(around 4 hours each).
Average tested windspeed is from 12 to 29 knots.
Spots is everything from flatwater to 2 meters waves. I prefare waves.


This kites still looks right this: viewtopic.php?f=7&t??=2359113

And it is a lot differents settings for lighter winds and for hardwind.
What is his? When i compare it to Spleen Q how is a Delta kite so can i say it is no Deltakite. So i think it is something between all types.

Bar and safety

There is only one bar available, which can be adjusted in width (46/54cm). This way it is possible to fly every size Notus with a single bar. The bar itself is pretty unconventional: it features a very thin diameter. It has real carbon fiber tip ends. There is a strap instead of a clam cleat, and the safety system is comparable with the 5th line on the Banditdos. The chicken loop looks like the one F-one is using for years. I would say a little bit outdated, but it works. A nice feature is that the end of the Chicken loop fits exactly in the center hole of the bar. When you unhook the CL will stay open, always facing the rider in the same way. Standard the bar is supplied with 4 x 20m lines (front line is a so called Y-bridle like the Banditdos, but without the swivel) and 4 meter extension lines. The most strange feeling thing i feel first was it was so thin. Like 2/3 from my other bar from Spleene.


I start with the 10 in 14 knots with out problems with my twintip (Spleene RIP 34) then the wind drop to around 12-13 knots and i still go upwind without problem. The bottom end is pretty low to be a 10. I have been out in 25 to 29 knots with the 20 meters lines and the kite set for ”hardwind”. I didn´t feels like 29 was the top of windrange. (I like to have some power with TT:s)


I never have jump so high before and have so good hangtime before. And do a kiteloop with it is a nice thing to do. It is so soft and nice and smooth. Every landing is much more smoothly and with my Spleene. My girlfriend told me at i looks like i was tiuching the water when i was landing. And do some boardsoff is super easy with this hangtime.

Racing (Upwind)

I have done some racing some times and have a raceboard and i do much better uppwind with Zeeko if you compare with Spleene. And it is faster. I was comparing on GPS.

Bar pressure & turning & settings
You can change on the kite for 3 different settings for 3 differnts bar pressure and style of the kite. Frome regular SLE setting to C-kite setting. I have ride in all 3 styles and everything depends what i will do. When i riding waves i love SLE settings without barpressure and for jumping i love C-settings but the C-settings is a little bit quicker and SLE settings. But all 3 settings is so much lighter and the Spleene barpressure and the Caution pressure.

Water relaunch

Is so super easy because all bars/kites have the E.R.A handel on the bar. So just pull the blue line and the kite is going up from the water. No problem at all. And with out that is no problem anyway so. Just let it go out in the window and take the bar and the kite will go up!


20 meter lines and SLE settings is my thing here! No pressure, quick turning, Can do a lot of depower so i can use the boards volyms in the wave. I just place the kite there i want it and it gone be there. I gone make some 15 meters lines for the bar and get it for waveriding. (just because i like shortlines in waves)


So easy and nice to ride unhooked. I love the ride waves unhooked so thats is nice.
I don´t do so much unhooked jumps so i can´t give some feedbacks for that.


It is a kite for everybody. My girlfriend like it and she is a beginner and i like it and im advanced. So it should fits for everybody!

It is a big jumoing machine. Have been out more with my twin tip and jumoing a lot if you compare with my other kites and that is a good rewiev.

How is the kite compared to others? Im in love in it. Better and everything i have try.


-Big Windrange
-Table in everything
-Nice and Good Bag
-Easy to jump


-Small bar dont fit everybody. (i like it)
-I miss a dumpe valve on the side like Spleene have


Ps. Coming one for the 7:an in a few days to. Ds.

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