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Ozone Catalyst reviews from Charles and Marten

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Ozone Catalyst reviews from Charles and Marten

Postby Toby » Wed Mar 10, 2010 5:40 am

Ozone News:

FIFA World Cup Stadium & Ozone Catalyst

South Africa has been feverishly readying itself for the FIFA World Cup Soccer this year and, with less than 100 days to go, the new, architecturally acclaimed, Cape Town Stadium has been completed.

Marten and I decided to give the new Catalyst a trial run. The wind in Milnerton, Cape Town was very light South West but we thought we might be able to fly the 12m and maybe the 10m. With the aim of getting some photos of the Catalyst, with the new stadium as backdrop, Marten took the 10m out.

Catalyst reviews from Charles and Marten

“The wind got too light for the 10m so Marten switched to the 12m but the wind was really on it’s way out. I thought I might give it a try so packed the camera away and jumped into my wetsuit. the wind felt like it had almost died altogether but I was amazed to find there was still some power left in the kite. I do not usually use big kites but discovered I was having a ball. For a big kite it was not hard to throw around, you just had to be a bit more forceful than I was used to. I was getting some good speed and even managed a few small jumps in almost no wind. Off the water the kite is so incredibly stable it just puts a big smile on your face. I used the 2009 Lights and so am no stranger to the three strut kite. I am very happy to see Ozone have gone back to the one-pump system. The new bar fells great, I like the longer travel and the new trim system for the back lines. I always found the previous trim system would adjust itself during a session, requiring constant re-adjustment, so I think this is a great improvement-simple but sweet. The kites look very cool and this really is a kite to please everyone.


“After three months with the C4 I was looking forward to testing the new Catalyst and see what the boys had been cooking up in the workshop. Charles had received a couple of kites from Matt and I was dying to test them. There wasn’t much wind down at the beach. Some nice sets were rolling in at Milnerton and there was a little breeze blowing in from the south-west so it didn’t look too bleak out. When we got the 10 and 12 pumped up and lines rigged I took up the 12 and was surprised that there was enough pressure in the kite, with my board in hand I headed off into the white water. I hadn’t flown a bigger kite than a 9 in months and already felt at home with the 12 after a couple of tacks. The kite was turning easily and there was a nice grunt in it. Even if the wind was a little cross on it was great playing in the waves not feeling that the kite was too big. I have always liked the three bladder kites and the 10 and twelve are just as nice as the last models. I got to test the water start after the kite went down in the impact zone I got it up quick and easy with no effort at all. The changes in the bar feel totally comfortable especially the new de-power, I’m a big fan. Definitely the best bar on the market due to simplicity, comfort and security.

Have a nice day!

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