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Epic Renegade Full Review (Video)

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Re: Epic Renegade Full Review (Video)

Postby Hugoloco » Thu Jun 24, 2010 6:35 pm

Renegade is a very nice kite.
I won't repeat what have been said by Grantman.
I will just to add : bar pressure is no big deal. Saying it's medium to strong is an exageration. OK, it's stronger than an Ozone Edge or a Waroo 07 (I compare with what I know), but it's giving you a great sensation in return (it's «there» like poeple say). Feels reliable.

On other side, Dimitri need to fix a few irritants like the inflation valve, the covering of the hose of the one-pump & few things with the bar like loose chicken loop...But I 'm 100% sure 2011 version will kick asses, since all of us will suggest Epic what we like & don't, so they can come back stronger & better.

Now, I'm looking forward to try (or buy) a 9M Screamer... Any demo or used one around???

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Re: Epic Renegade Full Review (Video)

Postby grantman54 » Thu Jun 24, 2010 8:23 pm

agreed. I have been riding waves more and more lately and focusing on wakestyle. I am tempted to buy a Renegade now. I am gonna demo it again next time I get a chance to see if it would fill the wakestyle/wave area I am missing on the Screamers. From what I remember it should be perfect. The Screamers perform fine in those areas if you know what you are doing; but I want to see if the Renegade will help me in those areas.

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