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HQ 2010 Neo II

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HQ 2010 Neo II

Postby Thirdcoast Kiteman » Wed Apr 21, 2010 7:37 pm

The NEO series by HQ is a closed cell ram-air foil. HQ refers to it as a "crossover kite," meaning it can be used on land as well as water year around.

The NEO II is a modest upgrade from the NEO. They reduced the air intake ports on the leading edge from 6 to 4, but the ports are larger in size on the NEO II, which results in faster inflation. Turning speed is quicker and depower is more apparent as you move the bar through the range. The NEO II has excellent light wind performance and can get you riding when most LEI's are grounded.

Safety wise, HQ added an additional line that causes the kite to fold up like a clam when the emergency is pulled...this is a very nice upgrade because foils develop huge power and in the previous model, even when you pulled the emergency, the kite can still be producing quite a bit of pull. With the new emergency feature, the NEO II folds up, falls and most importantly...stays down.

HQ upgraded their chicken loop with this model too...they have a much beefier chicken loop with an easier to trigger release...less fumbling when you need to cut the whole kite loose.

Overall, the NEO II is a good kite for those who are looking for that one kite to buy when you don't have the money to buy and LEI for water and a foil for land...or you want a kite that can not only get you going on the mountain, but also on water when wind conditions are light. It's a little pricier than other foils or some LEI's, but the year around use makes it a good investment.

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