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Epic Screamer 12

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Epic Screamer 12

Postby dbaber » Fri Apr 23, 2010 10:51 pm

I have flown Rebels in 08 and Switchblades in 09.

Got an Epic Screamer 12 a month ago. I self launched in the Keys and got a piece of shale in the leading edge which punctured the main bladder. This was the first time I have repaired a one pump kite. It was much easier than I expected. The kite is really well built. The one pump valves and dump valve seat really well and the kite goes back together really solid. After taking the kite apart and putting it back together I am really impressed with it's construction.

Unfortunately, I have only been able to use the kite in light winds, 10-15. The kite works really well unhooked (sits where you want it to). The kite has alot of power and I really like the bar. The bar has the best features of the North, Cabrinha and Fuel bars without the fifth line of the North and the useless stop of the Cabrinhas.

This is a really high performance kite. Tomorrow we should have good wind at Jupiter and I am stoked.

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