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Postby Millera74 » Tue May 25, 2010 7:52 pm

Just wanted to write a quick note regarding the customer service of Epic Kites. This past Sunday I had a mishap with the safety release system breaking on me. Long story about this, which I will touch upon later when I write a formal review of my Screamer 14m and 10m LTD. Bottom line, love the kite, small issues with bar/lines, but I'll get back to that later. In any event, I had emailed Dimitri a few hours after my incident explaining what had happened and asked for suggestions on either how to fix or what to do. Not only did Dimitri respond to my email within an hour of my email (with an apologetic tone), but he shipped me out a replacement part first thing on Monday morning. I am really happy to see Dimitri (& Epic) delivering on their promise of providing excellent customer service. As most people know, a lot of brands are not that responsive much less helpful. Dimitri clearly wants to get his customers back out on the water ASAP and I think this speaks volumes about the company's core values. I also appreciate Dimitri's integrity in urging me to write a review, stating my honest opinion, and not pimping anything. In sum, while I've only been kiting just over a year, and have only had to deal with a few other kite companies on rare occasions, I'm thoroughly impressed with the great customer service of Epic. Formal review of the screamer to come...

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