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RRD Obsession 12 meter 2010 w/Global Bar V2

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RRD Obsession 12 meter 2010 w/Global Bar V2

Postby Raphael » Wed Jun 23, 2010 3:24 pm

Flying characteristics: very fast turning speed plus power when you pull the bar in, smooth, predictable flying speed, lots of depower, stable
Wind Range: 10-20 knots (at 20 knots, too much power for this 170 pound rider)
Aspect ratio: low aspect ratio design, creates faster turning speed and a lot of grunt
Bar: Rigid thread lines that stretch far less (85% less) than conventional lines, excellent construction, cam cleat for depower and power as trim strap
Supported leading edge kite with bridle and single pump system
Graphics: outstanding graphics
Upwind performance: rides upwind very easily because of the construction of the leading edge and the kite design
Jumping: an outstanding kite for jumping because of the easy power on tap
Bar pressure: medium bar pressure, good for unhooked tricks

Designed for professionals and experienced riders, the new Obsession is also excellent for beginner and intermediate riders who want a kite that they can grow with. The 12 meter kite is excellent for light wind summer days. For winds over 20 knots, I would choose the 9 meter.
Excellent low end for a 12 meter--I would only get the 13.5 if you are heavier or if you need extreme low end. Available at Virginia Power Kites.

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