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Jimmy Lewis Flight Deck 147 cm

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Jimmy Lewis Flight Deck 147 cm

Postby Raphael » Wed Jun 30, 2010 4:44 pm

The Jimmy Lewis Flight Deck 147 cm is terrific in light wind and is an excellent freeride board, especially for light weight riders. It is not a board designed for jumping or freestyle, but it performs really well in the waves. Because of its width and because it is very flat, this board isn't designed for sticking your edge deep into the water. Instead, it performs best if comfortable riding is your goal, or if you want the control of a twin tip but the light wind capability of a surfboard. I recommend learning on this board if you are a heavier rider or if you are beginning in the sport. If you are more advanced, you'll enjoy the flight deck when the wind is too light for anyone else to go riding.
Also, it is a good board for speed.
I use it all the time as a teaching tool in Virginia Beach. It can be purchased at Virginia Power kites.

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