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Blade Trigger 2011 - Review

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Blade Trigger 2011 - Review

Postby eldadgold » Sun Oct 10, 2010 1:33 pm

Got to try the Trigger 2011 10m two days ago, Awesome kite - her's my review:

Build quality - Looks very good and from my experience no issues at all in the last years with the Blade kites.

Wind Range - The 10m was as strong as a Bandit3 10m so the bottom end is there. can't say about top end. conditions were about 15-19knt and had a great fun with my 134/39 Trax.

Handling - This kite is FAST !!! I really like fast kites and this kite is quick. it responses strait away, turns really fast (Pivot) and flys to the end of the window very quickly. Bar pressure is medium and the kite responses very linear to the bar movement. I think this kite will be a killer for waveriding.

Airtime+Jumps - Because of the kites speed it Boosts really well and the Airtime is there as well. for landings just loop the kite over your head very easily and land softly.

For conclusion i think this kite has a really good "Fun Factor" because of its quickness and feel.
I had a great session on it.
Really good job from the guys at BLADE !

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Re: Blade Trigger 2011 - Review

Postby raoul » Wed Oct 13, 2010 11:23 pm

I spoke to a few friends of mine that got to try the New 2011 Trigger size 10. They too were very excited about the kite. From what I understand it feels slightly different to the 2009-2010 triggers and it takes a session or 2 to really "get it", but once you understand the difference its even better than the previous Triggers.
I must add that 2 weeks ago I got to try out the Blade's 2010 Trigger 10, in perfect conditions comparing it to 3 other kites: Fone Tribal 9 (2007), CrazyFly's new kite size 11, and Bandit Dos (2009) size 10. The Trigger was by far the most enjoyable kite out of all the 4. I did some unhooked, some high jumps with board offs, hooked in Mega-loops, and the trigger just felt the most natural in my hands. I cannot wait to try the 2011 and hope that the hype I am hearing is all true.
The graphics Blade put on their kites for 2011 is a killer - you have to see this. One thing is for sure when you have a 2011 Blade - people on the beach will notice your kite ! (In the good way)
I will write my impressions once I finally get to try out the new kite.

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Re: Blade Trigger 2011 - Review

Postby forzadous » Tue Oct 19, 2010 9:17 pm

sorry , not speak english

LLevo 6 años haciendo kitesurf y he probado mucho material, llevo desde el 2008 con bladekites.

La blade trigger ha sido mejorada en muchos aspectos, tiene una fabricacion muy solida, robusta y los refuerzos estan en los sitios claves donde se produce desgaste.

La trigger 10 del 2011 fue la cometa probada en varias sesiones con olas y viento fuerte y racheado, y agua plana con viento justito. la cometa enpieza a navegar desde los 13 nudos sim problemas , peso 75 kg y tabla xenon la luz 135*42 . por arriba no la puede probar pero con 22 nudos te puedes desenganchar sin problemas.

la cometa es super estable y la diferencia a años anteriores que la cometa penetra mas al viento, la presion en barra es un poco superior a las antecedoras. ., tiene mucho mas hangtime y el depower es muy bueno.

El relanzamiento es automatico, se levanta sin mucho esfuerzo , la cometa se coloca automaticamente y tiras de la linea y para arriba

La barra no la puede probar, se que ahi cambios, lineas a 19 metros y le cambiaron al grip.

A penalizar la cometa me gustaria que tuviera una bolsa mas grande, la cometa hay que doblarla muy bien para que entre en ella.

Si queres ver fotos o mas info



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Re: Blade Trigger 2011 - Review

Postby forzadous » Tue Oct 19, 2010 9:24 pm

otra fotos mas

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Re: Blade Trigger 2011 - Review

Postby calibra » Tue Oct 19, 2010 10:01 pm


Take 6 years doing kitesurfing and have tried a lot of stuff, I have since 2008 bladekites.

The Blade trigger has been improved in many aspects, has a very solid manufacturing, robust and reinforcements are in the key places where wear occurs.

The trigger 10m of 2011 was tested in several sessions with waves and strong, gusty wind and flat water with wind Justito. he starts to navigate from 13 knots without problems, weight 75 kg and xenon light table 135 * 42. above can not test but with 22 knots you can disengage smoothly.

the kite is super stable and unlike previous years the comet gets more wind, pressure in bar is a little higher than the older moddels. ., It makes more hangtime and the depower is very good.

The relaunch is automatic, without much effort rises, the kite is placed automatically and you pull the line and up

The bar can not prove that there are changes, lines 19 meters and changed the grip.

To penalize the kite I would like to have a bigger bag, the kite must bend very well to enter.

More pictures...

(sorry if there is any mistake ) :) :)

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Re: Blade Trigger 2011 - Review

Postby kite_crazy66 » Tue Nov 09, 2010 3:55 am

I live in San Diego, CA. Most of our kiting days are in light winds (8-16 knots). I just bought the 2011 Trigger 14. I think the 3 strut system is very beneficial for light winds. Less rstriction/friction/whatever you wanna call it. It provides plenty of power, but releases better than last years model. Also very quick (bc of the 3 strut)

For these reasons I think this kite is going to rip it up on the waves at Tourmaline.

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