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Best Taboo 2010

Posted: Fri Oct 29, 2010 3:06 am
by pumpnjump
Had the Taboos for a couple of months now, so thought time for a review. I'm 74 kg and have the 8m and 12m, wind range used so far 12-30 knots. Initial impression out of the bag, superb quality, the new factory has paid big dividends here, stitching and reinforcing as good as you get if not better. 1 pump clamps and fittings all work without fault. In the air this is the kite I have been after for a long time, I liked the previous Waroos and 2010 Bularoo, and loved the nemesis for messing around, the kahoona for waves, but all lacked a little something for me, the Taboo does it all, turns super fast, has unhooked stability with no backstall, and has more speed through the air than the Kahoona, it feels like it takes the benefit of each and blends this together. Those who say it lacks low end power are wrong or have not flown it, it likes to be flown, the faster and harder you fly it the better it gets, it is not a kite for those who like the Delta style static pull with little rider input required, it requires a little technique for relaunch, but not like kites used to. This is a kite for kiters who love to fly the kite, who want the feedback that you know where the kite is in the window at any one time. I have primarily had these out in waves and they are hands down the best wave kites I have used, the 12 is quick enough for me to be able to bear off down the line, the 8m is an absolute machine, 18-20knots and up this is fantastic, redirects in an instant, no stalling issues kiting towards it, the kite will recover from some incredible angle of attacks. They have been through the rinse cycle a fair few times and have kept popping up unscathed. I love these kites, if you like freeride or waves give one a go, I have heard from freestyle mates that they perform really well for all the unhooked tricks, but we have not really had conditions for that yet, West Aus, is very windy and loads of waves at the moment so enjoying those. Good kiteing to all!!

Re: Best Taboo 2010

Posted: Fri Oct 29, 2010 9:51 am
by FL Kiteboarder

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Re: Best Taboo 2010

Posted: Fri Oct 29, 2010 4:22 pm
by sq225917
Nice to see the videos with closed captioning on.