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Aboards Zseries 2011 review. 130*39.5

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Aboards Zseries 2011 review. 130*39.5

Postby Kristoff » Wed Nov 24, 2010 11:03 am

Over the last 10 sessions, I have tested the Aboards Zseries 2011, 130*39,50

I'm 1m76 for 74kgs and kiting for 4 years now and I'm 35 years young.

I have to buy my own boards and kites.

This summer I tried a 2010 from a kitemate, and deceided to go for the 2011.

I ride in choppy conditions, medium waves and some flat water when the full moon has past.

The wind varied from sessions with 16-20 knots and a north vegas 2008 12m kite.

To 20-26 knots with a north evo 2010 9m.

I like bigair, one footers, rotations and the odd unhooked backroll or railey.

At first sight :

The board looks very clean and feels very solid, it's not the lightest board on the market.

You can feel that you're holding quality and craftmanship in you're hands, that is what you expect from a kiteboard.

The board has more rocker then the 2010.

There are channels on the bottom.

There is a good stiff feel over the board.

Footpads are super comfortable and look stylish with air capsules inserts in them.

The footpads stick to your feet seriously well and just feel really solid in choppy conditions.

No problem to fit in them with neoprene boots in the winter.

And if you have big feet or ride with boots all the time you can ask to put the Xl footpads on the board.

On the water :

It's unbelievable how smooth this board is.It's very kind on the knees when cutting trough the chop or bouncing over the waves.

You can cranck upwind without much effort, no spray at all.

The landings when you come down with speed from an unhooked trick or from a sent jump or loop are very nice.

Beginners will like the upwind performance and the smooth feeling.

And they can go on with this board for years!

Both in choppy conditions as on flat water it maintains its speed very well. The acceleration is also good, especially necessary in surf to struggle yourself through it.

The board has more then enough pop to satisfy the freestyler/ freerider who likes to unhook,loop and jump high.

Plenty of performance for the seasoned warrior and the intermediates alike.

Al tough for the pure wakestyle freaks, they look better at the X series or the W series.

The combination of comfortable riding and having a high performance board is rarely found.

This is a standard you come to expect when you ride the Zseries.


Good all round, solid, comfortable board with excellent performance, that would suit any rider, from aggressive freestyler to the weekend cruiser.

Great value for money.

Thanks :
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Re: Aboards Zseries 2011 review. 130*39.5

Postby Kobrin » Mon Nov 29, 2010 12:25 pm

Amazing board indeed. :thumb:

Very good in our Belgian conditions.

I hope to test the X series 2011 also.

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