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Dakine Storm Seat Harness

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Dakine Storm Seat Harness

Postby jkrug » Mon Jan 03, 2011 1:32 pm

Just a quick review on this harness, as let's face it, harness reviews ain't very interesting. the only reason i'm writing about this is that i never heard of it till shopping around to replace my very old and falling apart Dakine Fusion, and can only assume others may not have either.

When I tried on a newer Fusion (probably a 2010 model) I felt so confined. This seat harness is just too bulky for me now. I'm sure it would loosen up some after a while, but I had to believe there were better options out there, and I have to use a seat harness for back problems.

Searching the net, I ran into the Storm and it was described as a less intrusive harness than the Fusion. I ordered one, and think it's awesome. It is simple, non-confining, and immediately comfortable. And no pinching in 'sensitive areas'.

If you're looking for a seat harness, and don't want to feel like you're kiting in a lower body cast, I'd recommend the Storm completely. I wonder why the Fusion remains Dakine's primary seat harness when this one seems superior, at least to me.

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