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2011 Brokite Hybrid 132cm

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2011 Brokite Hybrid 132cm

Postby nicorette » Thu Mar 03, 2011 5:21 am

Hello all, new here to kiteforum and representing team Brokite. Just thought I'd do a review on the new Hybrid 132.
For those of you unfamiliar to Brokite check out where you can find plenty about these far out hand-made custom-shaped boards.
This hybrid twin brings a smooth ride through chop with stiff and reactive pop. Its the best of both worlds, a freesyle/wakestyle twin that satisfies both the dedicated freestyle enthusiast or the freeride junkie.
I've found my best sessions on this board when in bump and jump conditions on the bay to the head high swells in the gulf.
Its a bomber board that is sure to see many victories at sea. Enjoiii and let me know if ya wann try one...
will post some pics soon, maybe. late

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