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CrazyFly Shox Custom 2012 132 X 41

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CrazyFly Shox Custom 2012 132 X 41

Postby jumarcil » Thu May 10, 2012 12:15 pm

Anyone tried it ?

1) Is it really a chop eater ?
2) Does it track upwind pretty good
3) How about the pop when you release ?
4) Foot Pads and Straps ?
5) does it plane early ?

The Kite shop where I get my gear just received a batch of CrazyFly boards and the shox looks really good. I was looking from real riders feedback.



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Re: CrazyFly Shox Custom 2012 132 X 41

Postby yehonatan_naim » Thu May 10, 2012 10:22 pm

Hi there,
I'm not familer with the shox 2012, I was try the 2011 but since this is a different shape i cann't help with this issue.

anyway I have hugh expirence with the CrazyFly Raptor Pro and the Raptor Pro LTD size 132X41.
I know they are bit expensive then the shox

so I can make you a short review bettwen the difrences.

Raptor Pro LTD:
  1. high rocker board, double concave
  2. No1 chop eater 0 spray to the face.
  3. very smoth and forgiving board
  4. great pop and very easy to land
Raptor Pro
  1. medium rocker, single concave
  2. very fast board
  3. No1 at upwind
  4. great pop and very easy to land
the main different between them both is:
Raptor pro faster and better upwind and low end.
Raptor pro Ltd, smother and better at chop.

to summarize:
Raptor Pro Ltd is more about comfort of riding while having high perfomace while the Raptor Pro is more high perforamce while having comfort riding.

hope you will get some answer about he shox which will close the main difference between those board.

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Re: CrazyFly Shox Custom 2012 132 X 41

Postby skyhighkite » Tue May 22, 2012 9:18 pm

Hi, give us a call or send a PM if you want more information on the Crazy-Fly lineup...

To answer your questions...

1. Chop eater? New for 2012, what the 2011 model lacked has been added with double concave bottom. If you have to ride slop then this is your stick!

2. Upwind ability? Yes, tracks like it's on rails!

3. Pop? Decent pop for a glass board. Better than an Allround, but certainly not as poppy as a full carbon board like the Raptors & Pro Tour models.

4. Pads & Straps? Like all CrazyFly Products, they are as good as they get! Super comfy and durable!

5. Planing ability? This board planes off quick, rides very well, no power struggles, just get up and go...

Overall, This is a great board. Allthough the past descriptions led you to believe that this board was a game changer, in reality it is a great durable board for all round riding and tricks. If you want mind blowing characteristics you really may want to step it up to full carbon fiber. But for bombproof construction and all round riding the Shox is a good choice.

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