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Hyperflex Amp-k review

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Hyperflex Amp-k review

Postby halfpipe62 » Thu Apr 07, 2011 9:41 pm

Finnaly got wind and was able to try the Hyperflex Amp-k wetsuit. I bought the 4/3 back zip based on a review from this site.

My previous wetsuit was a 4/3 NeilPryde. It was just too heavy and was not warm enough. It did serve me well for 5 years so nothing bad to say about NeilPryde. I was just ready to try something new.

First off when the wetsuit arrived I had just come off a session wearing my old wetsuit. I picked up the box at the front door and I swore it was empty because it was so light. I opened the box and the suit was actually in there but was so light. The suit is super comfy and warm yet it does not feel like you have a suit on at all. This is a big reason I would skip my full suit and just use my spring suit before summer but it came with the price that I would get cold before my session was up. Not anymore. The suit feels very thin and I was skeptical that it would not be warm. Complete opposite. It feels like you are out on a warm day in just shorts. It really bonds to your skin and you forget your wearing a wetsuit and focus more on your riding. Easy in and out as well. Great price and great suit for kiting. :bye:

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