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2011 cabrinha switchblade 11m vs 10m

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2011 cabrinha switchblade 11m vs 10m

Postby hairybear » Wed Jul 06, 2011 9:37 am

Anyone tested the top end of the 2011 SB 11m in high winds? How does it compare to the 10m? I've heard the 2011 kites have more range on bottom and top end? Have a 2009 10m ok up to 25Knots. Hoping to get that from the 2011 11m (when strong gusts come through ), with allot more bottom end for lighter days.

me 75 Kg
2009 10m SB 15-25 Knots
2010 7m SB 19-?? Knots
2010 17m Zephyr 8-18 knots

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