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Core "Sensor" bar review

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Core "Sensor" bar review

Postby jb8431 » Wed Jul 06, 2011 12:57 am

Just got the new Core "Sensor" bar.

Another stellar product from Core!

Here is the objective review:

1. Lines: Liros,which are made in Germany rated at 800Lbs. Absolutley amazing lines. my current pair have been used for the last year have never needed tuning, if they have stretched it isn't noticable and I check my lines after about every 5 sessions. The coating lasts and my year old lines are still coated and rigid. The lines are spliceable and it is very easy to repair if you damage or want to make shorter lines out of them.

2. Chicken loop, Stick, and release: the new loop is very rigid and contributes to the safety by allowing the loop to open without any force being applied to it. The twisting mechanism is brilliant and works so amazingly you must try it before making any judgement. I will vehemently oppose any one trying to knock this system. So, I am not against push release I am against cheap crap that is unsafe. And some companies conform to the push away system and make cheap flimsy crap which makes you think that the materials were an after thought. Now if you think the twist is less intuitive just give it a try before you judge. I think it is in fact much less likely to accidentally release and is very safe in my opinion . . If instructors want to teach on push away by all means do it, but don't hinder the rest of us by limiting the industry with your bias.

The chicken stick is just the right length and the stick is thick and firm, not like the previous thin flimsey sticks core previously used before; which caused my loop to come out of my harness hook. which was an easy fix by the way, just put a larger piece of vinyl tubing over the existing one and it is fixed. Anyway the new one is perfect thus far. My only concern is the bungee holding the chicken bone to the assembly. Will it break or loose elasticity and pose a problem only time will tell.

3. depower line: no more mini 5th line, beautiflul setup with depowerline oriented front to back rather than side to side which makes one hand riding easier, unhook more stable with one hand, and improves bar movement when turning the kite (less torque from the center line than the ESP bar). The through the bar line setup was the best improvement for me. the friction on the line through the bar is much less than the ESP. I am sure the line will last a long time. The below the bar swivel rotates more freely and with less friction on the line. The depower above the bar is very nice and if I am not mistaken is 3 to 1 ratio on the depower sheet which makes sheeting in and out super easy and very easy to uncleat your line under heavy load. Going to the above the bar cleat was a great improvement over the pull/pull strap and is much easier to use and to change out lines when needed.

4. emergency release: clean and safe without the mini 5th line. On the ESP system if you don't change out the mini 5th regularly and pull the release or come out of you chicken loop, the 5th line may snap from pressure created on emergency release; it has happened to me. I think this was my fault as I should have changed out the line sooner, but it did look okay without fray. However, it was faded and I believe the friction on it from repeatedly unswivelling my lines weakened the 5th line which was a small caliber line. I am positive this system will last and the line through the bar will last longer. Getting rid of the mini 5th is an excellent improvement that simplyfies the system and makes it safer.

Overall excellent bar, clean easy to use and is compatible with all core kites, North Fuse and EVO, all Cabrinha IDS kites, and any kite that depowers by a virtual 5th line. Any other kite that does not utilize virtual 5th line technology on the bridle will be unstable under full emergency release. or landing on release.

If Core is listening, I think you should make the line stopper stock and make the stock lines 20m with 4m extensions.
Any questions let me know.

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