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Lithium vs Switchblade

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Lithium vs Switchblade

Postby drspike » Wed Jul 27, 2011 6:45 pm

I have now spent a fair amount of time on both Lithium 2011 and Switchblade. I have no ties. An every day Joe like most. 5'9", 175. Mostly ocean riding in 15-20mph.
Low end far and away to Lithium. Gets you out on low threshold in a way Switchblade cannot. No backstalling. If it does go down, it comes back up and out of water much easier as well. The trade off.........RANGE. Switchblade has amazing range. 15-25, gust to 30. No problem, don't even depower. Lithium must be blown up HARD!! Loses shape if not and cuts off much sooner on top end.
I'll take Switchblade in waves. Stable. Sits nicely parked.Depowers awesome.
Jumping......holy shi@#$! is the Lithium a booster. Booost and literally hangglide smoooothly down. It is so fun with this kite. No comparison to Switchblade in this category IMHO.
Bar quality - Cabrinha going away. Lines fray on Smartbar. Bar jams up/not adjustable even with rinsing/oil.
Turning speed Lithium faster than SB.
Quality of Canopy - Cabrinha wins.
How's that? Fair? Honest assesment of both. Hope this helps someone contemplating. :D

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