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Blade Kites USA

Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2011 12:50 pm
by rodeoclown
A brand that is popular in Europe is now available here is the USA.
That means real local support for some very exciting designs.

One of the kites presented by Blade for 2012 is a lite wind kite.
Its a 17m 3-strut, 4-line SLE with a mini-5th.
If you are thinking of getting a lite wind kite than this is one of those kites you must try IMO.

Its fast and easy to set up...all 3 struts and the LE are connected by a one pump system for perfect pressure and stiffness.
The 4-line bar with kook proof connections lays out and attaches smoothly and quickly.
I noticed instantly how smoothly and powerfully this kite gathers traction, yet de-powers nicely during a hot launch.
The bar has very good throw and the above the bar strap adjustment for de-powering works smoothly.

For a guy my size, 210lbs, 8 or 9kts of wind speed felt like my low end for planning and pointing upwind with speed on a race board.
In 12 kts the kite felt like it was in the mid range of its power scale, with gobs of sweet power for going upwind or jumping on any style of board.
In 16kts I was effortlessly jumping with a lot of vertical lift and using the de-power strap to dial in my throw at the bar.
Turning speed is quite excellent for a big kite, and I would not hesitate at all to take this out in the surf.
In fact having this kite in your quiver would be a real session saver anywhere you happen to find yourself.

On a scale of 1 to 10 this kite gets a solid 10 from this rider.
I have to admit it, I fricken love the Fat Lady and I am keeping a watchful eye on these new Blade kites! :D
Its a fun design that will get you stoked to the max man, like totally!


(go pro from my 1st session)

Re: Blade Kites USA

Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2011 4:33 pm
by iblocalsurfer
I couldn't agree more. I owned a 16m Rebel, tired the Dyno, Infinity, and Turbine before purchasing the Fat Lady. And, I couldn't be happier. The most "Fun Flying" big kite on the market mainly due to its turning speed(fast for a 17) and lighter bar pressure. I use mine with a 5'11" Hynson "Twinzer" fish in anywhere from knee to overhead surf in as little as 10 kn. (weigh 195). Many people say light wind kiting is a bore and I couldn't agree more in flat water. However, the waves and surface conditions are so much better when its light. So, the "Fat Lady" just becomes a vehicle to to get as many waves as possible. Sometimes I'm the only one out and still powered. The best part,"all the waves to myself." When its really light(10-13 on to side-on) I'm usually riding waves going upwind however, when it gets closer to 14-15 knots, riding down-the line is doable due to its turning speed, but it does get more crowded :( . This for sure is the light wind kite to beat and I will keep it until something better comes out. I am not affliated with Blade and this is my first kite purchased from them. I will say however, that all my other kites were designed by the same person, "MOMI"
Here is a pic of my good friend during a light wind sesh (11-13) taken last week while we were all working :( . Tell me that does not look fun!

Re: Blade Kites USA

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2011 6:34 am
by rodeoclown
Looks like an epic day man!
I'm feeling lucky just being able to grab a session during my lunch break today.
Winds were lite at first, 8-10.
But then they picked up to 12-14 and I ended up having a sweet session on
both my race and twin tip.
2nd day flying this kite was really sweet.
The timing seemed natural and I'm getting the power stroke dialed in.
There is something special about this design that really helps it find and attach to the aparent wind,
its a fast kite for a 17m!

Re: Blade Kites USA

Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2011 3:02 pm
by rodeoclown

I am stoked that my shop is carrying this brand now!
If you have one of these 17m Fat Lady's in your quiver you are going to get some...its a sure thing man.