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Epic Renegade 11m 2011 The Gust Killer!

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Epic Renegade 11m 2011 The Gust Killer!

Postby fr3style » Sun Jan 22, 2012 6:08 pm

Bought this kite back in January 2011

Have used it for a year. Lots of use i would say I use it at least once a week and during kite trips I used every day. I have borrowed it to lots of friends. So as you can tell it has had ALLOT of use and abuse.

Till today the only things I have had to fix were. One small hole in the canopy after a dog jumped into the kite and did a small hole in the canopy. I had to change the lines after a horrible stupid accident i had due to me doing what im not supposed to!

Other then that The kite is amazing.

Relaunch 5/5
Voted easiest kite to relaunch. cant remember what magazine wrote this but I agree

Bar Pressure 4/5
Its a 11M kite and go up yo 20 knots with it and then its still easy to take the gusts and the bar pressure does not tire me out

Turn speed 5/5
Almost got it to turn on its axis while kitelooping.

Pop 5/5 ( for a surfing kite ) not to be compared to my Screamer that has way more pop.

Gust control 5/5 this is what i Love most about this kite. If you have gusty wind where you live get this kite!!!!

The Bar
I like the bar although I wish the chicken loop was a tad bitt bigger and that the eject system for me needs to be a bit easier to put back when ejected. Since where I ride the most is very wavy its hard to put it back. Although most chicken loops i have tried are the same trouble for me.

Kites I have tested to use as comparison. So no one says I am biased
Slinhshot Rally 10m 12m
RRD 10m 12m ( cant remember the model. the surf style one)
Liquid Force Envy 2011 12m
F-One Bandit 10m 12m 2011
Cabrinha Convert 12M
Cabrinha Switchblade 9M 12M
North EVO 10m

I would like to thank Dimitri M for getting me to test the Epic Kites and now I have to admit after all the amazing support and quick replies to any questions. Also the lighning ast shipping. I am a EPIC fan and any one in Brazil want to try my Epic kites are more then welcome to come down to Rio De Janeiro and ride them.

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