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Crazyfly Cruiser Pro 145 X 48 Vs Plasma

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Crazyfly Cruiser Pro 145 X 48 Vs Plasma

Postby jumarcil » Thu May 10, 2012 12:22 pm

Cabrinha dont make the plasma anymore.and I was thinking about the cruiser pro at 145 X 48 as a replacement. Would I get better performance from the Cruiser Pro being 3cm wider ? It has a bit more rocker though.

Is it a really good lightwind (sub 10 knots) board ? How about when the wind gets a bit stronger ?

PS: I know that they also make a Cruiser LW but it is 150 X 44, I prefer shorter board.


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Re: Crazyfly Cruiser Pro 145 X 48 Vs Plasma

Postby yehonatan_naim » Thu May 10, 2012 9:48 pm

I use cruiser pro 145X48.
weight 80Kg,
using CrazyFly sculp size11 + Cruiser Pro 145X48 you can go up wind @ about 11 Knots.
you can use this board as well at higher wind, I use it at 17K but obviously at those kind of wind you can have fun with your regular board .

realy good board, very somth and esay to twist to toe side and back.

here some action of my friend @ high wind with this board




and here some light wind action, if you can call this action ;)


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