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My Method Rocks!

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Re: My Method Rocks!

Postby ZigZag » Thu Jun 28, 2012 5:30 am

I do not intend buying a 12m Method. I have a 12m Trixx ( two in fact.... one needs to be repaired!) for lighter winds. But in the past year, I have hardly used it. I have found that the 9m Method teamed with a large board gives me nearly the same low end as I had with my Trixx. I also contracted shingles, a very horrible disease, and lost 7 kg of weight in 5 weeks. So at my present weight of 67 kg, the 9m Method may well be my biggest kite!

By the way, bar pressure is your friend, especially when you are being tumbled around in shorebreak or closeout waves. When your head is covered in foamy water, you just pull on the bar, and it is like the hand of God reaching down and pulling you up by the arms. Five years ago, I used to fly kites with very little bar pressure. Most of the force went through the harness hook. And if your harness hook was positioned midway along the length of your body (seat harness), you acted like a sea anchor when you flew the kite while covered with water!

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Re: My Method Rocks!

Postby Janus » Thu Jun 28, 2012 10:43 am

That pic on page 1 is great, when you're on the board you got to smiling from ear to ear!!
btw nothing to add, just dumping my thoughts.

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