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2013 Mutiny P Series Review

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2013 Mutiny P Series Review

Postby dyyylan » Wed Sep 26, 2012 3:26 am

2013 Mutiny P-Series Review

Sizes flown: 12m, 8m
Weight: 65kg / 145 lbs

Overall impression:
Overall I'm very impressed with the performance of these kites, I have only had a few experiences with C kites before and didn't want to get too destroyed by a "hardcore" c kite. Since it is a little lower aspect and has a more swept leading edge, it has the characteristics of a c kite, but a few of the positives from a more sle-shape like really easy relaunch.

Everything on the kites is top-notch quality as you would expect. There are extra reinforcements everywhere in important spots. I've tomahawked the kite onto the beach and a pavement parking lot and have no leaks or pinholes so far. The bar is super solid as well, the lines either don't stretch or they all stretch equally, because I haven't had to adjust them in the few months I've been riding.

Wind range:
The wind range is very good, not just for a c kite but in general too. A realistic wind range for me on my 133 twintip is about 12 to 20 knots on the 12m, with unhooked range from about 13 knots to 18 or so. One cool thing is that Mutiny has a well-designed bar, that has a pulley on the depower line like is common with a few other brands now, allowing you to have only one knot to attach your lines to at the kite. It makes it really easy to just attach your lines and not have to worry about which knot you're on to have the right amount of power, since you have the full range of depower at the bar. The 8m also has excellent range. I wasn't sure if I wanted to get a 10m since 12/10/8 has a bit of overlap (I've always gone with 12+9) and I'm still not sure I need it. The 8 has excellent low end, enough that I'm happy boosting jumps on the 12 while waiting for the wind to go up or down a little.

Pop and slack:
At first I wasn't used to how the C kite pulls, it's a little different. I wasn't sure I would get much pop because the pull is so much more solid than a bridled kite when unhooked. But if you get the technique right, you get a very explosive pop (moreso than I've ever gotten with a bow) and a ton of slack. I have to force myself to extend my arms on raleys because I'm used to the kite yoking you around.

The bar:
The bar is really great, it's lightweight but solid. The grip is a suede sort of material called gecko grip that is really easy to grip when it's wet, and it's very comfortable. The swivel is the only one that has really worked every time for me. You don't have to think about untwisting your lines ever. Like I said also they don't stretch like some brands, I haven't had to adjust my line lengths yet but they provide a knot for you to do so if it's needed under the floats. Switching from one size to the other is easy, just pull the floats up and loosen the larks head up, and move the line over. The whole bar is very simple and clean, nothing that seems like it can break or really get in the way. The only thing that is kind of a negative for me, because I ride suicide, is that the chicken loop does detatch from the mainline, so if your donkey dick isn't in you can lose the loop. The plus to this is that the safety system is super super simple and easy to put back together, and isn't something that can break or get clogged with sand. A solution to this is also provided in the bag, they call it a suicide strap. What I do is I larks head the suicide strap around the flag out line, and then larks head that around the top of the chicken loop above the donkey dick. This way if you (accientally) hit the quick release the CL will still be attached to the flag out, and the kite will flag out normally, while giving you a suicide leash if you are just normally unhooked. Doing this also keeps the donkey dick swiveled in the right direction so it doesn't get in the way unhooking or hooking back in... I don't like to cut the donkey dick off and use it for riding strapless, or hanging out on the beach in weird wind so the CL doesnt pop out randomly.

Who is the kite for:
I'd recommend this kite to pretty much anyone, if you just want something that boosts and glides well but gives you a super direct, no bridle/pulley feeling this kite is great for that. The bar pressure is not nearly as heavy as other c kites (even less than some bow kites) so it's comfortable for riding hours on end. It's a little lower aspect so while it flies with good speed through the air it feels like it has a little more grunt and a little less of the raw speed that gives you a concussion when you miss a trick. It makes learning stuff a little less scary, but you still get that high performance c kite feeling that performs just as well or better than other modern c kites.

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