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Naish Globals? Feedback appreciated.

Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2013 1:55 pm
by windtzu
I'm currently looking at a 2011 Naish Global 5'4. I weigh 72 kg / 158 lbs and want something for high winds twenty plus that will perform in chop/swell/ onshore waves > control / ideally something that can handle chop. My 2013 Airush Cypher 5'6 is a nice board, but it can be a little big when the wind and water whips up (it's a light to medium wind board).

I usually ride a twintip (North X-Ride or OR Mako 140) when the wind and water's up, but sometimes I just prefer to be on a directional. The Mako is a better choice in swell and waves, but from my experience, it's just not the same as riding a surfboard on a wave/swell.

The Global 5'4 seems small (16.75" width) but perhaps it's just the board I'm looking for given my weight and intended wind range. I saw something about the 5'4 being nervous?

Any suggestions / recommendations...other Global sizes, years, etc? Other boards as well.

Re: Naish Globals? Feedback appreciated.

Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2013 4:09 pm
by Dirk
Same weight, similar conditions.
I never rode the 5.4 but the 5,7 and currently own the 5.5 (2012) and added most recently the 5.8 (2013).

I think the 5.4 would work very good as high wind jump and bump board, but also the 5.7 does. At 44 cm it is not too wide and has probably more surf feel to it.

If you want to jump strapped/hooked in I would lean towards 2012 onwards as the construction is so much better. On my 2010 5.7. (same shape and construction in 2011) I had a delamination under the front strap pretty quickly. 2012 is super solid.

The 5.5 2012 is a great high wind directional for our weight. It is closer to the old 5.7 than to the 5.4 as it is 44cm wide and has a slightly wider tail, but shorter with wider nose. Very compact, very easy to control and you can ride it as thruster or quad.

The 5.5 2013 is a bit more narrow (43cm) with a slimmer nose. That could be very interesting as well.

I have not ridden my the 5.8 yet. It is wider (45,6 cm) but the tail again is a little more narrow than my 5.5. I expect that I will not have any control issues in high wind, choppy North Sea conditions.

North Kontact (5.9.) could also be an option if you want a board with great control. Stay away from 2012 models, as construction was weak. 2011 is very good, 2013 I do not know.

Re: Naish Globals? Feedback appreciated.

Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2013 6:21 pm
by Dirk
I looked up the width of the Cypher and that is 19 1/2 inch (49,5cm). I think with any board around the 17 1/2 to 18 inch mark you will feel the difference in control.

Re: Naish Globals? Feedback appreciated.

Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2013 7:00 pm
by windtzu
Thanks Dirk! Not that it's a be all end all in terms of brands, but after many years windsurfing there was something about Naish boards that I liked. They had a "feel" to them; lively, yet smooth and controlled. I don't know if this Naish pedigree has a crossover into kiteboards, but I believe I could do worse. :)

Being that the Cypher is relatively wide and flatter in the rocker, any smaller (narrower) Global will probably do the trick. I did take notice of something you mentioned in terms of 2012's being stronger, especially with straps > bump & jump. In stronger winds I'll probably opt for riding with straps and the temptation to jump will always be present...It's also fun to use waves as ramps independent of kite power for air. The challenge however is not remembering to engage the kite to softening the landings sometimes. But this has the potential to damage any board doesn't it.

The 2011 5'4 is advertised with with a small dent on the bottom and top. I questioned the owner but it was downplayed > stating minimal use. Dent's aren't always an issue provided there's no delam or breakthrough, and they're properly repaired in a timely manner. If not, this board could turn to trash in no time. Not being able to personally inspect the board makes this one a potential gamble. Unless the price is right, I may steer clear of this one...May just spend a few more dollars and get a newer less questionable board. Don't know yet.

I pulled up a photo of the "dents" on the bottom. They appear to be nothing more than surface depressions > from sitting on hard objects / small rocks perhaps. I suppose as long as there's no water entry, I can just repair the depressions with an epoxy-filler mix.

Thanks again for your feedback!

Re: Naish Globals? Feedback appreciated.

Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2013 8:17 pm
by Dirk
I had similar dents on the bottom of my 5.7 and they did not matter. It is more about the deck under your feet if you plan to jump a lot. I do, as I was a windsurfer many years back and I still enjoy to boost when going out using the waves as ramps. Especially with smaller kites like 5 or 7m you can come down quite fast and hard when you do a mistake in steering.
I had that with my 2012 5.5 coming down super flat that I thought the board would break. I now only have a very slight dent under the front foot heel.

On the 5.7 (2010) those dents were deeper after a short time, got soft and delaminated. Maybe they improved it in 2011, I remember that they added those carbon rails to the construction and possibly they improved the strength of deck also.

All in all the Globals are great shapes, the 5.7 was my first surfboard and was super fun. At the end it is a matter of price. I do not know your market but in Germany I would hardly spend more than 300 Euros. I bought the 5.5 (2012) almost like new (no dents, minimal scratches) end of last year for 450 including the bag. New 2013 boards on sale are around the 550 mark.

Re: Naish Globals? Feedback appreciated.

Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2013 8:58 pm
by windtzu
Nice Dirk. He's asking @ 300 euro (400 US). Being relatively close by, shipping is minimal. With your blessings, sure I'll take a chance on it. It too comes with a bag, so it's a fair deal I think.

The seller "said" that the board is actually a year end 2011 and technically a 2012 with the 011 graphics. However if I remember correctly, Naish didn't make a 5'4 in 2012. If it's a newer construction all the better, if not, so be it.

Like yourself, I no longer believe in spending retail on boards. They are what they are and if you buy them at the right price it's usually a good value. Kites can be another story, but it's rare when a board actually fails you on the water, and at least the consequences aren't nearly as challenging.

You're good council. Danke! My mom is German - sorry to say I recall very little. If I remember correctly, she grew up in Mühlhausen.

Re: Naish Globals? Feedback appreciated.

Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:20 pm
by Dirk
Gerne geschehen. The 2012 vs 2011 story is BS. In 2012 and 2013 Naish had the very visible bamboo construction. They still have in 2014 but hide it now under paint. 2012 was all new shapes.
I never pay full retail especially for the surfboards. They get more used up than TT, so my strategy is to get them at lowest price possible (but obviously the model I like, in my case Globals), ride the hell out of them and get a new one.

I think the 5.4 will be lot of fun, really fast and controlled. But possibly less surfy as it is very narrow for a surfboard. But jumping must be really good. I think it was Robby's board of choice in those years as he is/was always riding small directionals jumping them a lot.

There is no tiny Global in the line up for 2014 anymore, the smallest is the 5.8 now. There is 5.4 Skater but they are a little wider than the Globals.

Re: Naish Globals? Feedback appreciated.

Posted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 3:27 am
by windtzu
I agree with your "bs" conclusion about the board. Your "used up" surfboard assessment is also spot on. TT's seem to last forever. Sure, I'm under the impression that Robby's windsurfing roots spills over into his kiteboards. Less surfy is ok. I'm looking for control and zip. I have the bigger surfier Cypher for waves anyhow. Great chatting Dirk!