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Review North Pro Session 5.11 / model 2017

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 7:36 am
by The Flow
Driver: 93kg
Test Site: Cape Town
Kite: 8-to 5er North Neo

The Pro Session works in 4+ m but also in 1m makes it even more fun.

The board runs great height, the volume of help when the wind subsides times something or is gusty. Cross white water is easier than with the Kontact, literally flies over it.

Rotates snappy and slides very well in spite of a lot of rockers.
One can make the board very slowly and wait in front of the wave, the volume carries and has thus also safety reserves for beginners. On the other weight distribution is necessary to set something up. It is further forward.

The board is designed for medium to high waves and therefore preferred corresponding radii. Even small radii going well, you have to add more but use the shaft thrust and not the kite, ie not full speed carving.

The Pro Session is something restless in Chop as the contact but the advantage of the larger application range outweigh the disadvantages. In quick, high smooth shafts it runs as if on rails.

Really super are slides. The wide middle slided safe and easy and has the great advantage to White Water Kontact. In lyricisms Chopwellen in Cape Town kt 35th you have to take a bit of speed out there and has yet to hold enough volume to the speed up to the lip.

The new fins not only look good but are also absolutely top vehicle capability. The twin screws hold bombproof in the box.

Pro Range 2017 (Light Team Construction)

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