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Takoon Boost 154

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Takoon Boost 154

Postby Toby » Wed Feb 19, 2003 11:57 am

On the beach
Brand: Takoon
Model: Boost 154
Length: 154 cm
Width: 34 cm
Volume: NC
Weight: 3.4 Kg
Composition: High density foam core, carbon-glass fibres, polycarbonate envelope.

Scoop: Slightly concave with very pronounced tips.
Rails: The rails are flat on the deck with an angled surface terminating in the peak of the edge formed by the central joint. The rails run straight up to the scoop.

Equipment: 4 four cm wake fins, two supple and comfortable velcro straps, two striated foam pads with heal grips. There is no leash plug.

Design/Finish: The design is unique, with the Takoon camouflage look that pleases most. The finish is good and streamlined without any unnecessary extras. This TT is very light and generates discussion: is it going to handle the impact? Based on numerous tests performed by different riders (and not the most gentle riders either, not so Cedric?) there is no cause for concern for the time being.

Specifications: This is Takoon’s most innovative board! Designed exclusively for experienced and expert riders who don’t need a high volume board to progress. Its narrow shape allows high-speed sailing and amazing responsiveness: practically a skateboard.

On the water
Ease of Use/Adaptability: This twin tip is easy enough to use by experienced twin tip riders. For the heavier riders a fair amount of wind is required as this TT is a small volume board (as clearly announced by the manufacturer).

Launch: The board launches progressively and surely for the medium weight riders and for heavy riders provided the wind is consistent and strong enough. It is a bit slow to start for the heavy riders when the wind is too light. For the light weights it accelerates easily.

Glide: This TT glides well once it has gained speed. When the wind is regular it glides even better. Even though the fins make an unusual evacuation noise, they don’t slow the board down.

Carving/Edging: The 154 has a good upwind capability, a bit less when the wind lightens because of its small volume. It generally carves quite nicely but we found it a bit hard in stronger wind with little waves, its grip seems to be less pronounced in certain conditions. Seeing Franz Olrys’ style one should be able to get full speed turns out of the board when the water is flatter, conditions we didn’t get.

Maneuverability: This board is really maneuverable and easy to get going; qualities emphasized by its light weight!

General Description and Impressions: The 154 is a performant TT, very light and pleasant, quick and easy in the maneuvers and turns. It doesn’t float much with its 154 cm and needs to be well powered. On small waves the grip is a bit unreliable and handling isn’t that easy.

The Positive Points: Lightweight and maneuverable
Flysurf.coms’ Advice: Play with it! Don’t use it as a light wind board, unless you’re a medium to light weight rider. It will perform perfectly provided it is well, but not overpowered.

User Range: For medium, advanced, expert medium-weight, and medium heavyweight riders.
Specifications: Specifications are exactly as announced by the manufacturer - no surprises or disappointments.

Their Advice
Marc, 27 years old, 77 Kg: ‘a very nice glide and comfortable pads’.
Marco, 27, 86 Kg: ‘super light’.
Caro, 32, 61 Kg: ‘hyper light, maneuverable and nice glide’.
Cedric, 20’ 71 Kg: ‘nice to play and surf with, a bit hard to handle in strong wind’.
Jean-Julien, 28, 69 Kg: ‘light, maneuverable but delicate to get one’s position in strong wind’.

Test Conditions
Wind Force: 8 to 20 knots.
Boards Normally Used by the Testers: TT Custom Jack Fly 140, TT Custom 145, TT Airush 160, Surfactory directional 147, TT F.One 174.
Testers’ Weight: From 61 to 86 Kg, expert riders.
Kites normally used by the Testers: F.One Mach 1 12.1 and 15.1, Naish ARX 11.5 and 7.5, Takoon Scoop 8.5, Naish X2 12.0, Wipika AirBlast 10.0.

More information about the Boost 154:


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