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Sean Ordonez Shapes Surfstix 140

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Sean Ordonez Shapes Surfstix 140

Postby Toby » Wed Feb 19, 2003 11:45 am

On the beach
Brand: Sean Ordonez Shapes
Model: Surfstix 140
Length announced: 142,5 cm
Width announced: 37,5 cm
Weight announced: 4 kg, equipped with straps, pads (of our choice), and fins.
Technology used/Composition: Sandwich Carbon.

Scoop Rocker Line: There’s a single central concave, which transforms into a double concave up to the extremities.
Rails: The rails are thin and round along the entire length.

Equipment: The board is sold unequipped, except for the fins, to allow the riders a choice. It doesn’t have a separate leash plug. There are 4 x 3 cm G10 wake like fins, inserts for the central handle and multi-position inserts for the straps.
Design/Finish: The finish is attractive though we couldn’t judge the equipment. The design is very sober allowing the layer of carbon fibre to appear – very eye-catching.

Specifications: The Surfstix 140 is intended for heavy weights or riders that want a small board without necessarily being obliged to use a big kite. The 140 can maintain its speed while ridden flat in very light wind.

On the water
Ease of use/Of getting used to: This board is easy to control; its sound reactions rapidly impart confidence. On first impression it may seem slightly heavy.

Launch/Early planing: Take-off to planing is average to good. Though not blatantly obvious, it doesn’t object to resistance. It doesn’t stick to the water and glides progressively, depending on the wind evidently.

Planing: It glides well and doesn’t drag in the water. Its finish seems perfect for gliding. It is just rigid enough for gliding but not too much so, to avoid thumping in waves, there is good flex in the tips.

Carving/Grip: It grips well and has great upwind abilities. On choppy water and with stronger wind, it is more difficult to manage; carving becomes a bit more technical (especially for the light weight).

Manoeuvrability: It’s a toy! It is ultra manoeuvrable and compliant. It pivots fast and easily. It handles soundly and without faults and permits all sorts of manoeuvres.

General impressions…
It’s a board with no bad surprises. It is extremely pleasant to manoeuvre and combines all the directional and gliding qualities. While not the most radical board for lightweights, it will certainly be for the heavier weights. Good level lightweight riders will prefer the size just below, but the 140 will be perfect in light or moderate wind.

The good points: Manoeuvrability and versatility.’s advice: Choose good equipment and don’t even think about the rest, it happens automatically!

Who should use it? Medium to lightweights in light wind, heavyweights in stronger wind, for confirmed and expert riders.
Compliance to specifications: On reading the specifications, one realises the potential of this board. In fact, it is ridden flat in very light wind without losing its directional abilities as a result. It’s therefore more suitable for heavyweights, or for riders that prefer not to use big kites. For lightweights it will be an excellent board for moderate conditions.

Their advice
Stan, 25, 77 kg: "Initially it seemed a bit heavy with a tendency to get bogged down, but very manoeuvrable.
Caro, 33, 62 kg: "As far as manoeuvrability is concerned it is a genuine toy, despite the initial impression of heaviness. It grips very well and carries quite well for a 140. It is a bit difficult in gusty conditions.â€

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