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Postby Toby » Wed Feb 19, 2003 12:11 pm

On the Beach
Brand : Kiteloose
Model : WK 140
Length : 139 cm
Width : 39 cm
Weight : 2,6 kg
Technology used : Sandwich Epx

Scoop : A regular curve with a flat at the middle (rocker : 4 cm)
Hull : Flat
Rails : the rails are thin and scrap good, wake rails.

Equipment : Straps or hard boots , 4 thin fiberglass , furrowed pads … The equipment was not definitive when we tested it.
Design/Finish : Design and finish are quite basic on the model we tested but the first batch is pretty well coloured and well finished.
Specifications : Wake !

On the water
Accessibility/Adaptation : This wake is easy for those who are used to ride with small twin tips or wakes but is less comfortable with straps than with hard boots. However, it is a good way to get used to ride with a wake without fearing to get stuck to the board. Good point.

Glide Start : The 140 glides pretty quick but that’s all. With enough surface, it is good then.

Ride : It is good too ! The wake addicted will do not find it too speed… The others will !

Carving/ Catch : The catch is good as the board slices well the water, the rail ‘’bites’’ good. It would be more efficient to have it hard booted to have more support on the heels.

Manoeuvrability : This wake is very manoeuvrable and light. Your feet won’t feel it, it is a real pleasure. For those who weight more, they might go wrong by releasing their supports.

In short
General feeling description…
It is a good, easy and transformable wake, good for wake initiation and for experts use too. It is a light wake with good handiness.

The good points : A light sensation and manoeuvrability.
The advice : It is a good way to try to fly with a wake or to change your straps for hardboots !

Users destination : It depends if you are a sport addict or not… Medium level for wakeboarders, advanced and expert for the others.

Conformity to the specifications : Well, it is a real wake, what can we say more !

Their advice in short words
Caro, 62 kg, 32 ans : "Manoeuvrable and light on feet"
Micka, 26 ans, 57 kg : "A good compromise…"
Yvan, 36 ans, 80 kg : "A good mix TT/wake, you will need strong condition for complete satisfaction !"
Cédric, 20 ans, 78 kg : "Great pleasure ! A good quality/price mix"

Test conditions
Wind force : From 10 to 20 knots
Kites used : Wipika AirBlast 8.4 and 10.0, North Rhino 12.
Practicers size and level : From 57 to 80 kg, advanced to expert.
The board they use : Wake, TT140 and mini directional, TT 160.

To know more about the WK 140,


thx to for text and pictures

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