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mach2 12M Review

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mach2 12M Review

Postby Guest » Tue Mar 11, 2003 5:49 pm

Finally I got my F-One Mach2 12M yesterday. If you have a chance make
sure to try out this kite out as there is a big different from the
compare to other kites. One thing I notice immediately is the ease of
going UPWIND. Parking the kite at Zenith, the kite feels like it is
over or past your head. I have tried most of the 2003 kites currently
on the market(i.e: naish X2, Gasstra, etc..) but haven't notice any
kites that has upwind ability like the Mach2. Yesterday, it was just so
much fun: after those big jumps, it was so EASY to go upwind. I didn't
have to edge hard. The Mach2 flies so close to the edge of the windows
that I go upwind so easy. The Mach2 reminded me of 3 years ago when I
was flying the Windtools Mosquito! No other kites on the market that
upwind like the Windtools Mosquito 3 years ago.

Jumping: It took me a bit to get adjusted to the big jumps and longer
hang time that I was getting from the Mach2 12M. I normally fly the
Mach1 12M in the same condition but my jumps were nowhere near the
height that I am getting with the Mach2!!! I must warn you that you
might consider wearing shock absorber and helmet the next time you demo
the Mach2 as your jumps will be BIGGER than normal on this kite.

MACH2 is REALLY an amazing kite!!! Anyway, I will write a complete
review with pictures, and all the other stuff for the Mach2 and will
post it at my web site: under Reviews by
this Sunday.

I have the upcoming FREE KiteBoarding XPO on April 11 through 13, 2003
that you should come and test out all the new 2003 kites and boards and
make the decision for yourself.

As for now, I am super STOKED on the MACH2!!!

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