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Mavric Boards

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Mavric Boards

Postby Toby » Tue Mar 11, 2003 5:34 pm

This is a review of the latest Mavrics by Brad Symmington from Cape Town - he is a
Team Cabrinha rider and writes for Kiteworld.

Just spent the day testing the Mavrics in excellent conditions - 12 down to
10 down to 8.5, hanging on all the babies. The thing about the upwind is no
bullshit. I can now see why. The front rail fin causes the board to turn
upwind the more you apply front foot pressure. If you have your heel nicely
dug in you got no worries, take a bit of heel pressure off she catches and
slides out very easily. Toe-side riding was also pretty good though a bit
skatey @ times but held her rail well. Landing jumps at speed was better
than I would have imagined as long as you were in good position over the top
of the board and dug the rail before leaning back. Did have a tendency to
pearl if your timing was a bit out but as I said held nicely with little or
no sideways slipping on landing. The red 1m was really good and I think
because of its size tended to be a bit flicky with a good front and
backfoot balance needed. But the bonus was as its so small its super quick
and easy to correct. Had some of the biggest jumps this year on her and she
landed 90% no worries and like a really well balanced board between front
and back foot. Did find her more solid natural than goofy.

Toe-side was super good. All in all a great board good weight and felt good
underfoot but would be more suited to advanced riders only.

C ya on the outside


check out pages 3 & 4 of the gallery for shots of the latest Mavrics

For all details of the boards see :


Postby Guest » Sat Mar 15, 2003 9:16 pm

had a look at the pictures of these boards - they are looking good - the shape is interesting

Louis Cypher
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How much are they?

Postby Louis Cypher » Wed Mar 19, 2003 3:54 pm

Thanks a lot!
CU Louis back vom SA

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